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Referencing data found in the IPD

Clarivate takes great care to provide complete citations for all sources used in compiling our data so that our clients may in turn cite these sources appropriately. All Clarivate databases cite surveys published by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) in Hyattsville, Maryland. In addition, the Incidence & Prevalence Database (IPD) provides Article Reviews, IPD Summaries, and Global Incidence & Prevalence Reports based primarily on publications from peer-reviewed medical literature.

How to cite Incidence & Prevalence Database (IPD)

The sources of information throughout the IPD come mainly from medical journals and other published information. Source information is noted throughout the IPD. To cite these sources, note the reference to the original publication and consider the suggest format in the examples below.

Borrell LN et al; "Childhood Obesity and Asthma Control in the GALA II and SAGE II Studies." American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine; V.187; 4/1/13; p697. Cited in Clarivate, Incidence & Prevalence Database, https://www.tdrdata.com; Accessed [date here].

Locating source information