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The new IPD Search Results page retains the best of the previous interface:

  • most relevant topics first
  • three report types unique in content and format
  • one-click export in PDF, Word, and Excel

Access more data at a glance – search without scrolling and easy visuals. We now present links to the major reports horizontally, leaving more vertical space on the page to display additional diseases and procedures.

For each topic, report links are organized from left to right: Summary Tables & Projections, Incidence & Prevalence Report, and Subgroup Reports, the latter expanding to show hyperlinked Subgroup headings and a link to the Archived Article Reviews.

All search modes—Keyword, ICD Code, and Advanced Search—are still available, but the ICD-9 and ICD-10 Codes are no longer displayed on the Search Results page. Instead, results are presented more accessibly with the corresponding topic descriptions, since these have always been the basis of classification for our literature-based data.

We’ve kept all the content and functionality underlying the IPD; the new Search Results page brings faster access and more intuitive navigation.