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ICD Codes And Descriptions for V Codes,Reference Codes

V01. Contact with or exposure to communicable diseases
V01.0 Cholera Contact
V01.1 Tuberculosis Contact
V01.2 Poliomyelitis Contact
V01.3 Smallpox Contact
V01.4 Rubella Contact
V01.5 Rabies Contact
V01.6 Venereal Dis Contact
V01.7 Viral Dis Contact Nec
V01.71 Contact with or exposure to varicella
V01.79 Contact with or exposure to communicable diseases - Other viral diseases
V01.8 Contact with or exposure to communicable diseases - Other communicable diseases
V01.81 Contact/exposure-anthrax
V01.82 Exposure to SARS-associated coronavirus
V01.83 Contact with or exposure to escherichia coli (E. coli)
V01.84 Meningococcus
V01.89 Communic Dis Contact Nec
V01.9 Communic Dis Contact Nos
V02. Infectious disease carrier
V02.0 Cholera Carrier
V02.1 Typhoid Carrier
V02.2 Amebiasis Carrier
V02.3 Gi Pathogen Carrier Nec
V02.4 Diphtheria Carrier
V02.5 Carrier or suspected carrier of infectious diseases - Other specified bacterial diseases
V02.51 Group B Streptoc Carrier
V02.52 Streptococus Carrier Nec
V02.53 Carrier or suspected carrier of Methicillin susceptible Staphylococcus aureus
V02.54 Carrier or suspected carrier of Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus
V02.59 Bacteria Dis Carrier Nec
V02.6 Carrier or suspected carrier of viral hepatitis
V02.60 Viral Hep Carrier Nos
V02.61 Hepatitis B Carrier
V02.62 Hepatitis C Carrier
V02.69 Viral Hep Carrier Nec
V02.7 Gonorrhea Carrier
V02.8 Venereal Dis Carrier Nec
V02.9 Carrier Nec
V03. Need for prophylactic vaccination and inoculation against bacterial diseases
V03.0 Vaccin For Cholera
V03.1 Vacc-typhoid-paratyphoid
V03.2 Vaccin For Tuberculosis
V03.3 Vaccin For Plague
V03.4 Vaccin For Tularemia
V03.5 Vaccin For Diphtheria
V03.6 Vaccin For Pertussis
V03.7 Tetanus Toxoid Inoculat
V03.8 Need for prophylactic vaccination and inoculation against bacterial diseases - Other specified vaccinations against single bacterial diseases
V03.81 Nd Vac Hmophlus Inflnz B
V03.82 Nd Vac Strptcs Pneumni B
V03.89 Nd Other Specf Vacnation
V03.9 Vaccin For Bact Dis Nos
V04. Need for prophylactic vaccination and inoculation against certain viral diseases
V04.0 Vaccin For Poliomyelitis
V04.1 Vaccin For Smallpox
V04.2 Vaccin For Measles
V04.3 Vaccin For Rubella
V04.4 Vaccin For Yellow Fever
V04.5 Vaccin For Rabies
V04.6 Vaccin For Mumps
V04.7 Vaccin For Common Cold
V04.8 Vaccin For Influenza
V04.81 Need for prophylactic vaccination and inoculation against certain diseases - Influenza
V04.82 Respiratory syncytial virus - RSV
V04.89 Need for prophylactic vaccination and inoculation against other viral diseases
V05. Need for prophylactic vaccination and inoculation against single diseases
V05.0 Arbovirus Enceph Vaccin
V05.1 Vacc Arboviral Dis Nec
V05.2 Vaccin For Leishmaniasis
V05.3 Viral hepatitis
V05.4 Need Prphyl Vc Varicella
V05.8 Vaccin For Disease Nec
V05.9 Vaccin For Singl Dis Nos
V06. Need for prophylactic vaccination and inoculation against combinations of diseases; vaccination (immunization); vaccine coverage (or vaccine uptake)
V06.0 Vaccin For Cholera + Tab
V06.1 Vaccin For Dtp
V06.2 Vaccin For Dtp + Tab
V06.3 Vaccin For Dtp + Polio
V06.4 Need for prophylactic vaccination with measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine
V06.5 Nd Vac Tetanus-diphthria
V06.6 Nd Vac Strp Pnumn/inflnz
V06.8 Vac-dis Combinations Nec
V06.9 Need for unspecified combined vaccine
V07. Prophylactic measures (allergen desensitization)
V07.0 Prophylactic Isolation
V07.1 Need for desensitization to allergens
V07.2 Prophylactic immunotherapy
V07.3 Need for other prophylactic chemotherapy
V07.31 Prophylac Fluoride Admin
V07.39 Other Prophylac Chemothr
V07.4Postmenopausal hormone replacement therapy (PMH, HRT); hormone replacement therapy (postmenopausal)
V07.5 Prophylactic use of agents affecting estrogen receptors and estrogen levels
V07.51 Prophylactic use of selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs)
V07.52 Prophylactic use of aromatase inhibitors
V07.59 Prophylactic use of other agents affecting estrogen receptors and estrogen levels
V07.8 Need for other specified prophylactic measure
V07.9 Need for unspecified prophylactic measure
V08. Asymp Hiv Infectn Status
V09. Infection with drug-resistant microorganisms; antibiotic resistance; drug resistance (treatment resistance); multidrug resistance (multiple drug resistance, MDR)
V09.0 Infection with microorganisms resistant to penicillin
V09.1 Inf Mcrg Rstn B-lactam
V09.2 Inf Mcrg Rstn Macrolides
V09.3 Inf Mcrg Rstn Ttrcycln
V09.4 Inf Mcrg Rstn Amnglcsds
V09.50 Inf Mcr Rst Qn Flr Nt Ml
V09.51 Inf Mcrg Rstn Qn Flrq Ml
V09.6 Inf Mcrg Rstn Sulfnmides
V09.70 Inf Mcr Rst Oth Ag Nt Ml
V09.71 Inf Mcrg Rstn Oth Ag Mlt
V09.8 Infection with microorganisms resistant to other specified drugs
V09.80 Inf Mcr Rst Ot Drg Nt Ml
V09.81 Inf Mcrg Rstn Oth Drg Ml
V09.9 Infection with drug-resistant microorganisms, unspecified
V09.90 Infc Mcrg Drgrst Nt Mult
V09.91 Infc Mcrg Drgrst Mult
V10. Cancer (all sites or unspecified)
V10.0 Personal history of malignant neoplasm of gastrointestinal tract
V10.00 Hx Of Gi Malignancy Nos
V10.01 Hx Of Tongue Malignancy
V10.02 Hx-oral/pharynx Malg Nec
V10.03 Hx-esophageal Malignancy
V10.04 Hx Of Gastric Malignancy
V10.05 Personal history of malignant neoplasm of large intestine
V10.06 Personal history of malignant neoplasm of rectum
V10.07 Hx Of Liver Malignancy
V10.09 Hx Of Gi Malignancy Nec
V10.1 Personal history of malignant neoplasm of trachea
V10.11 Personal history of malignant neoplasm of bronchus and lung
V10.12 Hx-tracheal Malignancy
V10.2 Personal history of malignant neoplasm of other respiratory and intrathoracic organs
V10.20 Hx-resp Org Malignan Nos
V10.21 Hx-laryngeal Malignancy
V10.22 Hx-nose/ear/sinus Malig
V10.29 Hx-intrathoracic Mal Nec
V10.3 Personal history of malignant neoplasm of breast
V10.4 Personal history of malignant neoplasm of genital organs
V10.40 Hx-female Genit Malg Nos
V10.41 Personal history of malignant neoplasm of cervix uteri
V10.42 Personal history of malignant neoplasm of other parts of uterus
V10.43 Personal history of malignant neoplasm of ovary
V10.44 Hx-female Genit Malg Nec
V10.45 Hx-male Genit Malig Nos
V10.46 Personal history of malignant neoplasm of prostate
V10.47 Hx-testicular Malignancy
V10.48 Hx-epididymis Malignancy
V10.49 Hx-male Genit Malig Nec
V10.5 Personal history of malignant neoplasm of urinary organs
V10.50 Hx-urinary Malignan Nos
V10.51 Personal history of malignant neoplasm of bladder
V10.52 Personal history of malignant neoplasm of kidney
V10.53 Hx Malig Renal Pelvis
V10.59 Hx-urinary Malignan Nec
V10.6 Personal history of leukemia
V10.60 Hx Of Leukemia Nos
V10.61 Hx Of Lymphoid Leukemia
V10.62 Hx Of Myeloid Leukemia
V10.63 Hx Of Monocytic Leukemia
V10.69 Hx Of Leukemia Nec
V10.7 Personal history of other lymphatic and hematopoietic neoplasms
V10.71 Hx-lymphosarcoma
V10.72 Hx-hodgkins Disease
V10.79 Personal history of other lymphatic and hematopoietic neoplasms
V10.8 Personal history of malignant neoplasm of other sites
V10.81 Hx Of Bone Malignancy
V10.82 Personal history of malignant melanoma of skin
V10.83 Hx-skin Malignancy Nec
V10.84 Hx Of Eye Malignancy
V10.85 Personal history of malignant neoplasm of brain
V10.86 Hx-malign Nerve Syst Nec
V10.87 Personal history of malignant neoplasm of thyroid
V10.88 Hx-endocrine Malign Nec
V10.89 Personal history of malignant neoplasm of other sites
V10.9 Unspecified personal history of malignant neoplasm
V10.90 Cancer conditions; conditions due to or associated with cancer (see ICD code V10.)
V10.91 Personal history of malignant neuroendocrine tumor
V11. Personal history of mental disorder; mental illness (psychiatric disorder)
V11.0 Personal history of schizophrenia
V11.1 Personal history of affective disorders
V11.2 Hx Of Neurosis
V11.3 Personal history of alcoholism
V11.8 Personal history of other mental disorders
V11.9 Unspecified mental disorder
V12. Personal history of certain other diseases
V12.0 Personal history of infectious and parasitic diseases
V12.00 Prsnl Hst Unsp Nfct Prst
V12.01 Prsnl Hst Tuberculosis
V12.02 Prsnl Hst Poliomyelitis
V12.03 Personal Histry Malaria
V12.04 Personal history of Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus
V12.09 Prsnl Hst Oth Nfct Parst
V12.1 Hx-nutrition Deficiency
V12.2 Personal history of endocrine diseases
V12.3 Personal history of diseases of blood and blood-forming organs
V12.4 Personal history of disorders of nervous system and sense organs
V12.40 Hx Nerv Sys/snse Org Nos
V12.41 Hx Benign Neoplasm Brain
V12.42 Infections of the central nervous system, Encephalitis
V12.49 Hx Nerv Sys/snse Org Nec
V12.5 Personal history of diseases of circulatory system
V12.50 Hx-circulatory Dis Nos
V12.51 Hx-ven Thrombosis/embols
V12.52 Hx-thrombophlebitis
V12.53 Personal history of sudden cardiac arrest
V12.54 Personal history of transient ischemic attack (TIA), and cerebral infarction without residual deficits
V12.59 Hx-circulatory Dis Nec
V12.6 Personal history of diseases of respiratory system
V12.60 Personal history of unspecified disease of respiratory system
V12.61 Personal history of pneumonia (recurrent)
V12.69 Other diseases of respiratory system
V12.7 Personal history of diseases of digestive system
V12.70 Prsnl Hst Unspc Dgstv Ds
V12.71 Prsnl Hst Peptic Ulcr Ds
V12.72 Prsnl Hst Colonic Polyps
V12.79 Prsnl Hst Ot Spf Dgst Ds
V13. Personal history of other diseases
V13.0 Personal history of disorders of urinary system
V13.00 Prsnl Hst Urnr Dsrd Unsp
V13.01 Prsnl Hst Urnr Dsrd Calc
V13.02 Urinary (tract) infection
V13.03 Personal history, nephrotic syndrome
V13.09 Other disorders of the urinary system
V13.1 Hx-trophoblastic Disease
V13.2 Personal history of other genital system and obstetric disorders
V13.21 History-pre-term Labor
V13.22 Personal history of cervical dysplasia
V13.29 Hx-genital/obs Dis Nec
V13.3 Personal history of diseases of skin and subcutaneous tissue
V13.4 Hx Of Arthritis
V13.5 Personal history of other musculoskeletal disorders
V13.51 Personal history of pathologic fracture
V13.52 Personal history of stress fracture
V13.59 Personal history of other musculoskeletal disorders
V13.6 Personal history of congenital malformations
V13.61 Hx-hypospadius
V13.69 Hx-congenital Malfor Nec
V13.7 Personal history of perinatal problems
V13.8 Personal history of other specified diseases
V13.9 Hx Of Disease Nos
V14. Personal history of drug allergy, general adverse reactions in a hospital
V14.0 Penicillin allergy; personal history of allergy to penicillin
V14.1 Hx-antibiot Allergy Nec
V14.2 Hx-sulfonamides Allergy
V14.3 Hx-anti-infect Allergy
V14.4 Hx-anesthetic Allergy
V14.5 Hx-narcotic Allergy
V14.6 Hx-analgesic Allergy
V14.7 Hx-vaccine Allergy
V14.8 Hx-drug Allergy Nec
V14.9 Hx-drug Allergy Nos
V15. Other personal history presenting hazards to health
V15.0 Personal history of allergy
V15.01 Hx-peanut Allergy
V15.02 Hx-milk Prod Allergy
V15.03 Hx-eggs Allergy
V15.04 Hx-seafood Allergy
V15.05 Hx-other Food Allergy
V15.06 Hx-insects Allergy
V15.07 Hx-latex Allergy
V15.08 Hx-radiogrphc Dye Allrgy
V15.09 Hx-allergy Nec
V15.1 Personal history of surgery to heart and great vessels
V15.2 Hx-major Organ Surg Nec
V15.21 Personal history of undergoing in utero procedure during pregnancy
V15.22 Personal history of undergoing in utero procedure while a fetus
V15.29 Personal history of surgery to other organs
V15.3 Personal history of irradiation
V15.4 Personal history of psychological trauma
V15.41 Hx Of Physical Abuse
V15.42 Hx Of Emotional Abuse
V15.49 Psychological Trauma Nec
V15.5 Personal history of injury
V15.51 Personal history of traumatic fracture
V15.52 Personal history of traumatic brain injury
V15.59 Personal history of other injury
V15.6 Hx Of Poisoning
V15.7 Hx Of Contraception
V15.8 Other specified personal history presenting hazards to health
V15.80 Personal history of failed moderate sedation
V15.81 Noncompliance with medical treatment; adherence or compliance (nonadherence or noncompliance)
V15.82 History of tobacco use
V15.83 Personal history of underimmunization status
V15.84 Hx-exposure Asbestos
V15.85 Hx-exps Hazrd Body Fluid
V15.86 Hx-exposure To Lead
V15.87 History of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO)
V15.88 Falling; history of fall
V15.89 Other specified personal history presenting hazards to health
V15.9 Unspecified personal history presenting hazards to health
V16. Family history of malignant neoplasm
V16.0 Family history of malignant neoplasm of gastrointestinal tract; hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC, Lynch syndrome)
V16.1 Fm Hx-trach/bronchog Mal
V16.2 Fam Hx-intrathoracic Mal
V16.3 Family Hx-breast Malig
V16.4 Family history of malignant neoplasm of genital organs
V16.40 Fm Hx Genital Malig Nos
V16.41 Fm Hx Ovary Malignancy
V16.42 Fm Hx Prostate Malig
V16.43 Fm Hx Testis Malig
V16.49 Fm Hx Genital Malig Nec
V16.51 Family Hx-kidney Malig
V16.52 Family history of malignant neoplasm, bladder
V16.59 Fam Hx-urinry Malig Nec
V16.6 Family Hx-leukemia
V16.7 Fam Hx-lymph Neoplas Nec
V16.8 Family Hx-malignancy Nec
V16.9 Family Hx-malignancy Nos
V17. Family history of certain chronic disabling disease
V17.0 Fam Hx-psychiatric Cond
V17.1 Family Hx-stroke
V17.2 Fam Hx-neurolog Dis Nec
V17.3 Fam Hx-ischem Heart Dis
V17.4 Fam Hx-cardiovas Dis Nec
V17.41 Family history of sudden cardiac death (SCD)
V17.49 Family history of other cardiovascular diseases
V17.5 Family Hx-asthma
V17.6 Fam Hx-chr Resp Cond Nec
V17.7 Family Hx-arthritis
V17.8 Fam Hx-muscloskl Dis Nec
V17.81 Family history, Osteoporosis
V17.89 Family history, Other musculoskeletal diseases
V18. Family history of certain other specific conditions
V18.0 Fam Hx-diabetes Mellitus
V18.1 Fm Hx-endo/metab Dis Nec
V18.11 Family history of multiple endocrine neoplasia [MEN] syndrome
V18.19 Family history of other endocrine and metabolic diseases
V18.2 Family Hx-anemia
V18.3 Fam Hx-blood Disord Nec
V18.4 Fam Hx-mental Retardat
V18.5 Family Hx-gi Disorders
V18.51 Family history of colonic polyps
V18.59 Family history of other digestive disorders
V18.61 Fam Hx-polycystic Kidney
V18.69 Fam Hx-kidney Dis Nec
V18.7 Family Hx-gu Disease Nec
V18.8 Fm Hx-infect/parasit Dis
V18.9 Family history of genetic disease carrier
V19. Family history of other conditions
V19.0 Family Hx-blindness
V19.1 Family Hx-eye Disord Nec
V19.2 Family Hx-deafness
V19.3 Family Hx-ear Disord Nec
V19.4 Family Hx-skin Condition
V19.5 Fam Hx-congen Anomalies
V19.6 Family Hx-allergic Dis
V19.7 Consanguinity
V19.8 Family Hx-condition Nec
V20. Health supervision of infant or child
V20.0 Foundling Health Care
V20.1 Other healthy infant or child receiving care
V20.2 Routine infant or child health check
V20.31 Health supervision for newborn under 8 days old
V20.32 Health supervision for newborn 8 to 28 days old
V21. Constitutional states in development
V21.0 Rapid Childhood Growth
V21.1 Puberty
V21.2 Adolescence Growth Nec
V21.3 Constitutional states in development - Low birth weight status
V21.30 Low Birthwt Status Nos
V21.31 Low Birthwt Status <500g
V21.32 Low Birthwt 500-999g
V21.33 Low Birthwt 1000-1499g
V21.34 Low Birthwt 1500-1999g
V21.35 Low Birthwt 2000-2500g
V21.8 Constit State In Dev Nec
V21.9 Constit State In Dev Nos
V22. Normal pregnancy
V22.0 Supervision of normal first pregnancy
V22.1 Supervision of other normal pregnancy
V22.2 Pregnant state, incidental
V23. Supervision of high-risk pregnancy
V23.0 Preg W Hx Of Infertility
V23.1 Preg W Hx-trophoblas Dis
V23.2 Preg W Hx Of Abortion
V23.3 Grand Multiparity
V23.4 Supervision of high-risk pregnancy with other poor obstetric history
V23.41 Preg W Hx Pre-term Labor
V23.49 Preg W Poor Obs Hx Nec
V23.5 Preg W Poor Reproduct Hx
V23.7 Supervision of high-risk pregnancy with insufficient prenatal care
V23.8 Other high-risk pregnancy
V23.81 Suprv Elderly Primigrav
V23.82 Suprv Elderly Multigrav
V23.83 Suprv Young Primigravida
V23.84 Suprv Young Multigravida
V23.85 Pregnancy resulting from assisted reproductive technology
V23.86 Pregnancy with history of in utero procedure during previous pregnancy
V23.89 Suprv High-risk Preg Nec
V23.9 Suprv High-risk Preg Nos
V24. Postpartum care and examination
V24.0 Postpartum care and examination immediately after delivery
V24.1 Postpartum care and examination of lactating mother; breastfeeding (lactation)
V24.2 Routine postpartum follow-up
V25. Contraception; encounter for contraceptive management
V25.0 General counseling and advice on contraceptive management
V25.01 Prescrip-oral Contracept
V25.02 Initiate Contracept Nec
V25.03 Emergency contraception (postcoital contraception); encounter for emergency contraceptive counseling and prescription
V25.04 Counseling and instruction in natural family planning to avoid pregnancy
V25.09 Contraceptive Mangmt Nec
V25.1 Insertion of intrauterine contraceptive device
V25.2 Sterilization
V25.3 Menstrual Extraction
V25.4 Surveillance of previously prescribed contraceptive methods
V25.40 Contracept Surveill Nos
V25.41 Contraceptive pill; oral contraceptive (birth control pill)
V25.42 Iud Surveillance
V25.43 Srvl Mplnt Sbdrm Cntrcep
V25.49 Contracept Surveill Nec
V25.5 Nsrt Mplnt Sbdrm Cntrcep
V25.8 Other specified contraceptive management
V25.9 Unspecified contraceptive management
V26. Procreative management
V26.0 Tuboplasty Or Vasoplasty
V26.1 Artificial insemination
V26.2 Procreative investigation and testing (sperm counts, fallopian insufflation)
V26.21 Fertility Testing
V26.22 Sterilzation Rev Aftcare
V26.29 Investigate & Test Nec
V26.3 Genetic Counsel & Test
V26.31 Testing of female for genetic disease carrier status
V26.32 Other genetic testing of female
V26.33 Genetic counseling
V26.34 Testing of male for genetic disease carrier status
V26.35 Encounter for testing of male partner of habitual aborter
V26.39 Other genetic testing of male
V26.4 Procreative Mgmt-counsel
V26.41 Procreative counseling and advice using natural family planning
V26.42 Encounter for fertility preservation counseling
V26.49 Other procreative management, counseling and advice
V26.5 Procreative management - Sterilization status
V26.51 Tubal Ligation Status
V26.52 Vasectomy Status
V26.8 Other specified procreative management; assisted reproductive technology (ART)
V26.81 Encounter for assisted reproductive fertility procedure cycle
V26.82 Encounter for fertility preservation procedure
V26.89 Other specified procreative management
V26.9 Procreative Mangmt Nos
V27. Outcome of delivery; birth rate; childbirth (live-born infant)
V27.0 Mother with single liveborn
V27.1 Stillbirth
V27.2 Mother with twins
V27.3 Del-twins, 1 Nb, 1 Sb
V27.4 Deliver-twins, Both Sb
V27.5 Del-mult Birth, All Live
V27.6 Del-mult Brth, Some Live
V27.7 Other multiple birth, all stillborn
V27.9 Mother with unspecified outcome of delivery
V28. Antenatal screening
V28.0 Screening-chromosom Anom
V28.1 Screen-alphafetoprotein
V28.2 Screen By Amniocent Nec
V28.3 Screen-fetal Malform
V28.4 Screen-fetal Retardation
V28.5 Screen-isoimmunization
V28.6 Antenatal Screen Strep B
V28.8 Other specified antenatal screening
V28.81 Encounter for fetal anatomic survey
V28.82 Encounter for screening for risk of pre-term labor
V28.89 Other specified antenatal screening
V28.9 Antenatal Screening Nos
V29. Observation and evaluation of newborns and infants for suspected condition not found
V29.0 Observation for suspected infectious condition
V29.1 Nb Obsrv Suspct Neurlgcl
V29.2 Obsrv Nb Suspc Resp Cond
V29.3 Nb Obs Genetc/metabl Cnd
V29.8 Nb Obsrv Oth Suspct Cond
V29.9 Nb Obsrv Unsp Suspct Cnd
V30. Single liveborn
V30.0 Single liveborn, born in hospital
V30.00 Single Lb In-hosp Without Cs
V30.01 Single Lb In-hosp W Cs
V30.1 Single liveborn
V30.2 Single Liveborn-nonhosp
V31. Twin, mate liveborn
V31.0 Twin mate liveborn, born in hospital
V31.00 Twin-mate Lb-hosp Without Cs
V31.01 Twin-mate Lb-in Hos W Cs
V31.1 Twin, Mate Lb-before Adm
V31.2 Twin, Mate Lb-nonhosp
V32. Twin, mate stillborn
V32.0 Twin, mate stillborn - Born in hospital
V32.00 Twin-mate Sb-hosp Without Cs
V32.01 Twin-mate Sb-hosp W Cs
V32.1 Twin, Mate Sb-before Adm
V32.2 Twin, Mate Sb-nonhosp
V33. Twin, unspecified
V33.0 Twin, unspecified - Born in hospital
V33.00 Twin-nos-in Hosp Without Cs
V33.01 Twin-nos-in Hosp W Cs
V33.1 Twin Nos-before Admissn
V33.2 Twin Nos-nonhosp
V34. Other multiple, mates all liveborn
V34.0 Other multiple, mates all liveborn - Born in hospital
V34.00 Oth Mult Lb-hosp Without Cs
V34.01 Oth Mult Lb-in Hosp W Cs
V34.1 Oth Mult Nb-before Adm
V34.2 Oth Multiple Nb-nonhosp
V35. Other multiple, mates all stillborn
V35.0 Other multiple, mates all stillborn - Born in hospital
V35.00 Oth Mult Sb-hosp Without Cs
V35.01 Oth Mult Sb-in Hosp W Cs
V35.1 Oth Mult Sb-before Adm
V35.2 Oth Multiple Sb-nonhosp
V36. Other multiple, mates live- and stillborn
V36.0 Other multiple, mates live- and stillborn - Born in hospital
V36.00 Mult Lb/sb-in Hos Without Cs
V36.01 Mult Lb/sb-in Hosp W Cs
V36.1 Mult Nb/sb-before Adm
V36.2 Multiple Nb/sb-nonhosp
V37. Other multiple, unspecified
V37.0 Other multiple, unspecified - Born in hospital
V37.00 Mult Brth Nos-hos Without Cs
V37.01 Mult Birth Nos-hosp W Cs
V37.1 Mult Brth Nos-before Adm
V37.2 Mult Birth Nos-nonhosp
V39. Liveborn infants - Unspecified
V39.0 Liveborn infants - Unspecified - Born in hospital
V39.00 Liveborn Nos-hosp Without Cs
V39.01 Liveborn Nos-hosp W Cs
V39.1 Liveborn Nos-before Adm
V39.2 Liveborn Nos-nonhosp
V40. Mental and behavioral problems
V40.0 Problems With Learning
V40.1 Prob With Communication
V40.2 Mental Problems Nec
V40.3 Behavioral Problems Nec
V40.9 Mental/behavior Prob Nos
V41. Problems with special senses and other special functions
V41.0 Problems With Sight
V41.1 Eye Problems Nec
V41.2 Problems With Hearing
V41.3 Ear Problems Nec
V41.4 Voice Production Problem
V41.5 Smell And Taste Problem
V41.6 Problem W Swallowing
V41.7 Problems with sexual function
V41.8 Probl W Special Func Nec
V41.9 Probl W Special Func Nos
V42. Organ or tissue replaced by transplant
V42.0 Kidney replaced by transplant
V42.1 Heart replaced by transplant
V42.2 Heart Valve Transplant
V42.3 Skin replaced by transplant
V42.4 Bone replaced by transplant
V42.5 Cornea replaced by transplant
V42.6 Lung Transplant Status
V42.7 Liver replaced by transplant
V42.8 Other specified organ or tissue replaced by transplant
V42.81 Trnspl Status-bne Marrow
V42.82 Trspl Sts-perip Stm Cell
V42.83 Trnspl Status-pancreas
V42.84 Trnspl Status-intestines
V42.89 Trnspl Status Organ Nec
V42.9 Transplant Status Nos
V43. Organ or tissue replaced by other means (prosthesis, mechanical or artificial)
V43.0 Eye Replacement Nec
V43.1 Lens replaced by other means
V43.2 Heart Replacement Nec
V43.21 Organ or tissue replaced by other means, heart assist device
V43.22 Fully implantable artificial heart
V43.3 Heart valve replaced by other means
V43.4 Blood Vessel Replac Nec
V43.5 Bladder Replacement Nec
V43.6 Joint replaced by other means
V43.60 Joint Replaced Unspcf
V43.61 Joint Replaced Shoulder
V43.62 Elbow replacement (arthroplasty)
V43.63 Joint Replaced Wrist
V43.64 Joint Replaced Hip
V43.65 Joint Replaced Knee
V43.66 Joint Replaced Ankle
V43.69 Oth Spcf Joint Replaced
V43.7 Limb Replacement Nec
V43.8 Other organ or tissue replaced by other means
V43.81 Larynx Replacement
V43.82 Breast Replacement
V43.83 Artific Skin Repl Status
V43.89 Organ/tiss Replacmnt Nec
V44. Artificial opening status
V44.0 Tracheostomy status
V44.1 Gastrostomy status
V44.2 Ileostomy status
V44.3 Colostomy status
V44.4 Enterostomy Status Nec
V44.5 Artificial opening status - Cystostomy
V44.50 Cystostomy Status Nos
V44.51 Cutaneous-vesicos Status
V44.52 Appendico-vesicos Status
V44.59 Cystostomy Status Nec
V44.6 Urinostomy Status Nec
V44.7 Artificial Vagina Status
V44.8 Artif Open Status Nec
V44.9 Artif Open Status Nos
V45. Other postsurgical states
V45.0 Postsurgical cardiac pacemaker in situ
V45.00 Status Cardc Dvce Unspcf
V45.01 Status Cardiac Pacemaker
V45.02 Status Autm Crd Dfbrltr
V45.09 Status Oth Spcf Crdc Dvc
V45.1 Postsurgical renal dialysis status
V45.11 Renal dialysis status
V45.12 Noncompliance with renal dialysis
V45.2 Postsurgical presence of cerebrospinal fluid drainage device
V45.3 Intestinal Bypass Status
V45.4 Postsurgical arthrodesis status
V45.5 Presence of contraceptive device
V45.51 Presence of intrauterine contraceptive device; intrauterine device (IUD)
V45.52 Prsc Sbdrml Cntrcp Mplnt
V45.59 Prsc Other Cntrcptv Dvc
V45.6 Postsurgical states following surgery of eye and adnexa
V45.61 Cataract Extract Status
V45.69 Pst Srg Stat Eye/adn Nec
V45.7 Other postprocedural states - Acquired absence of organ
V45.71 Acquired Absence Breast
V45.72 Acquire Absnce Intestine
V45.73 Acquired Absence Kidney
V45.74 Acq Absence Urinary Trct
V45.75 Acq Absence Of Stomach
V45.76 Acq Absence Of Lung
V45.77 Acq Absnce Genital Organ
V45.78 Acquired Absence Of Eye
V45.79 Acq Absence Of Organ Nec
V45.8 Other postsurgical status
V45.81 Postsurgical aortocoronary bypass status
V45.82 Status-post Ptca
V45.83 Breast Impl Remov Status
V45.84 Dental Restoratn Status
V45.85 Insulin pump status
V45.86 Bariatric surgery status; bariatric surgery (gastric bypass)
V45.87 Transplanted organ removal status
V45.88 Status post administration of tPA (rtPA) in a different facility within the last 24 hours prior to admission to current facility
V45.89 Postsurgical states not elsewhere classified
V46. Other dependence on machines
V46.0 Dependence On Aspirator
V46.1 Dependence on respirator
V46.11 Other dependence on machines - Dependence on respirator, status
V46.12 Other dependence on machines - Encounter for respirator dependence during power failure
V46.13 Encounter for weaning from respirator [ventilator]
V46.14 Mechanical complication of respirator [ventilator]
V46.2 Depend-supplement Oxygen
V46.3 Wheelchair dependence
V46.8 Machine Dependence Nec
V46.9 Machine Dependence Nos
V47. Other problems with internal organs
V47.0 Intern Organ Deficiency
V47.1 Mech Prob W Internal Org
V47.2 Cardiorespirat Probl Nec
V47.3 Digestive Problems Nec
V47.4 Other urinary problems
V47.5 Genital Problems Nec
V47.9 Probl W Internal Org Nos
V48. Problems with head, neck, and trunk
V48.0 Deficiencies Of Head
V48.1 Deficiencies Neck/trunk
V48.2 Mechanical Prob W Head
V48.3 Mech Prob W Neck & Trunk
V48.4 Sensory Problem W Head
V48.5 Sensor Prob W Neck/trunk
V48.6 Disfigurements Of Head
V48.7 Disfigurement Neck/trunk
V48.8 Prob-head/neck/trunk Nec
V48.9 Prob-head/neck/trunk Nos
V49. Problems with limbs and other problems
V49.0 Deficiencies Of Limbs
V49.1 Mechanical Prob W Limbs
V49.2 Motor Problems W Limbs
V49.3 Sensory Problems W Limbs
V49.4 Disfigurements Of Limbs
V49.5 Limb Problems Nec
V49.6 Other conditions influencing health status - Upper limb amputation status
V49.60 Status Amput Up Lmb Nos
V49.61 Status Amput Thumb
V49.62 Status Amput Oth Fingers
V49.63 Status Amput Hand
V49.64 Status Amput Wrist
V49.65 Status Amput Below Elbow
V49.66 Status Amput Above Elbow
V49.67 Status Amput Shoulder
V49.7 Other conditions influencing health status - Lower limb amputation status
V49.70 Status Amput Lwr Lmb Nos
V49.71 Status Amput Great Toe
V49.72 Status Amput Othr Toe(s)
V49.73 Status Amput Foot
V49.74 Status Amput Ankle
V49.75 Status Amput Below Knee
V49.76 Status Amput Above Knee
V49.77 Status Amput Hip
V49.8 Other conditions influencing health status - Other specified conditions influencing health status
V49.81 Asympt Postmeno Status
V49.82 Dental Sealant Status
V49.83 Other conditions influencing health status - Awaiting organ transplant status
V49.84 Bed confinement status
V49.85 Dual sensory impairment
V49.89 Conditn Influ Health Nec
V49.9 Unspecified problems with limbs and other problems
V50. Other elective surgery; plastic surgery (cosmetic surgery)
V50.0 Hair Transplant
V50.1 Other plastic surgery for unacceptable cosmetic appearance
V50.2 Routine or ritual circumcision
V50.3 Ear Piercing
V50.4 Elective surgery for purposes other than remedying health states - Prophylactic organ removal
V50.41 Prphylct Orgn Rmvl Brst
V50.42 Prphylct Orgn Rmvl Ovary
V50.49 Prphylct Orgn Rmvl Other
V50.8 Other elective surgery for purposes other than remedying health states
V50.9 Unspecified elective surgery for purposes other than remedying health states
V51. Aftercare involving the use of plastic surgery
V51.0 Encounter for breast reconstruction following mastectomy
V51.8 Other aftercare involving the use of plastic surgery
V52. Fitting and adjustment of prosthetic device and implant
V52.0 Fitting Artificial Arm
V52.1 Fitting Artificial Leg
V52.2 Fitting Artificial Eye
V52.3 Fitting Dental Prosthes
V52.4 Fit/adj Breast Pros/impl
V52.8 Fitting Prosthesis Nec
V52.9 Fitting Prosthesis Nos
V53. Fitting and adjustment of other device
V53.0 Fitting and adjustment of other device - Devices related to nervous system and special senses
V53.01 Adj Cerebral Vent Shunt
V53.02 Adjust Neuropacemaker
V53.09 Adj Nerv Syst Device Nec
V53.1 Eyeglasses; contact lenses; corrective lenses; eyewear
V53.2 Adjustment Hearing Aid
V53.3 Fitting and adjustment of other device - Cardiac device
V53.31 Ftng Cardiac Pacemaker
V53.32 Ftng Autmtc Dfibrillator
V53.39 Ftng Oth Cardiac Device
V53.4 Fit Orthodontic Device
V53.5 Fit/adj Intes Appl Nec
V53.50 Fitting and adjustment of intestinal appliance and device
V53.51 Fitting and adjustment of gastric lap band
V53.59 Fitting and adjustment of other gastrointestinal appliance and device
V53.6 Fitting Urinary Devices
V53.7 Fit Orthopedic Devices
V53.8 Wheelchair use; fitting and adjustment of wheelchair
V53.9 Adjustmnt Device Nec/nos
V53.90 Fitting and adjustment, unspecified device
V53.91 Fitting and adjustment of other device - Fitting and adjustment of insulin pump
V53.99 Fitting and adjustment of other device - Other device
V54. Other orthopedic aftercare (removal of fixation devices)
V54.0 Aftercare involving removal of fracture plate or other internal fixation device
V54.01 Other orthopedic aftercare - Encounter for removal of internal fixation device
V54.02 Other orthopedic aftercare - Encounter for lengthening/adjustment of growth rod
V54.09 Other orthopedic aftercare - Other aftercare involving internal fixation device
V54.1 Other orthopedic aftercare - Aftercare for healing traumatic fracture
V54.10 Aftrcre Traum Fx Arm Nos
V54.11 Aftrcare Traum Fx Up Arm
V54.12 Aftrcre Traum Fx Low Arm
V54.13 Aftrcre Traumatic Fx Hip
V54.14 Aftrcre Traum Fx Leg Nos
V54.15 Aftrcare Traum Fx Up Leg
V54.16 Aftrcre Traum Fx Low Leg
V54.17 Aftrcre Traum Fx Vertebr
V54.19 Aftrce Traum Fx Bone Nec
V54.2 Other orthopedic aftercare - Aftercare for healing pathologic fracture
V54.20 Aftrcare Path Fx Arm Nos
V54.21 Aftercare Path Fx Up Arm
V54.22 Aftrcare Path Fx Low Arm
V54.23 Aftercare Path Fx Hip
V54.24 Aftrcare Path Fx Leg Nos
V54.25 Aftrcare Path Fx Up Leg
V54.26 Aftrcare Path Fx Low Leg
V54.27 Aftrcare Path Fx Vertebr
V54.29 Aftrcre Path Fx Bone Nec
V54.8 Other orthopedic aftercare
V54.81 Aftercare Joint Replace
V54.89 Orthopedic Aftercare Nec
V54.9 Unspecified orthopedic aftercare
V55. Attention to artificial openings
V55.0 Atten To Tracheostomy
V55.1 Atten To Gastrostomy
V55.2 Atten To Ileostomy
V55.3 Attention to colostomy
V55.4 Atten To Enterostomy Nec
V55.5 Atten To Cystostomy
V55.6 Atten To Urinostomy Nec
V55.7 Atten Artificial Vagina
V55.8 Attn To Artif Open Nec
V55.9 Attn To Artif Open Nos
V56. Encounter for dialysis and dialysis catheter care
V56.0 Renal Dialysis Encounter
V56.1 Ft/adj Xtrcorp Dial Cath
V56.2 Fit/adj Perit Dial Cath
V56.31 Hemodialysis Testing
V56.32 Peritoneal Dialysis Test
V56.8 Dialysis Encounter, Nec
V57. Rehabilitation Therapy; Physical Therapy; Occupational Therapy; Speech Therapy
V57.0 Breathing Exercises
V57.1 Care involving other physical therapy
V57.2 Care involving occupational therapy and vocational rehabilitation
V57.21 Encounter for vocational therapy
V57.22 Encntr Vocational Thrpy
V57.3 Speech Therapy
V57.4 Orthoptic Training
V57.8 Care involving other specified rehabilitation procedures
V57.81 Orthotic Training
V57.89 Rehabilitation procedures not elsewhere classified
V57.9 Care involving unspecified rehabilitation procedures
V58. Encounter for other and unspecified procedures and aftercare
V58.0 Radiotherapy; radiation therapy
V58.1 Chemotherapy
V58.11 Encounter for antineoplastic chemotherapy
V58.12 Encounter for antineoplastic immunotherapy
V58.2 Blood transfusion
V58.3 Attention to surgical dressings and sutures
V58.30 Encounter for change or removal of nonsurgical wound dressing
V58.31 Encounter for change or removal of surgical wound dressing
V58.32 Encounter for removal of sutures
V58.4 Other aftercare following surgery
V58.41 Encntr Plnd Po Wnd Clsr
V58.42 Aftercare Neoplasm Surg
V58.43 Aftrcare Inj/trauma Surg
V58.44 Encounter for other and unspecified procedures and aftercare - Aftercare following organ transplant
V58.49 Postop Oth Specfd Aftrcr
V58.5 Orthodontics aftercare
V58.6 Encounter for other and unspecified procedures and aftercare - Long-term - current - drug use
V58.61 Long-term Use Anticoagul
V58.62 Long-term Use Antibiotic
V58.63 Long-term (current) use of antiplatelet/antithrombotic
V58.64 Encounter for other and unspecified procedures and aftercare - Long-term - current - use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatories - NSAID
V58.65 Steroid use
V58.66 Encounter for other and unspecified procedures and aftercare - Long-term - current - use of aspirin
V58.67 Long-term (current) use of insulin
V58.69 Long-term Use Meds Nec
V58.7 Encounter for other and unspecified procedures and aftercare - Aftercare following surgery to specified body systems, not elsewhere classified
V58.71 Aft Surg Sense Org Nec
V58.72 Aftcre Surg Nerv Sys Nec
V58.73 Aft Surg Circ Syst Nec
V58.74 Aftrcre Surg Respsys Nec
V58.75 Aft Oral Cav/dig Sys Nec
V58.76 Aftrcre Surg Gu Syst Nec
V58.77 Aft Surg Skin/subcu Nec
V58.78 Aftrcre Surg Ms Syst Nec
V58.8 Other specified aftercare
V58.81 Fit/adj Vascular Cathetr
V58.82 Fit/adj Non-vsc Cath Nec
V58.83 Therapeutic Drug Monitor
V58.89 Other Specfied Aftercare
V58.9 Critical care (intensive care unit, ICU)
V58.90 Conditions resulting from care in the intensive care unit
V59. Donor (blood, skin, bone, cornea)
V59.0 Donors - Blood
V59.01 Blood Donor-whole Blood
V59.02 Blood Donor-stem Cells
V59.09 Blood Donor Nec
V59.1 Skin Donor
V59.2 Bone Donor
V59.3 Bone Marrow Donor
V59.4 Kidney Donor
V59.5 Cornea Donor
V59.6 Liver Donor
V59.70 Egg (oocyte) (ovum) donor, unspecified
V59.71 Egg (oocyte) (ovum) donor, under age 35,anonymous recipient
V59.72 Egg (oocyte) (ovum) donor, under age 35,designated recipient
V59.73 Egg (oocyte) (ovum) donor, age 35 and over,anonymous recipient
V59.74 Egg (oocyte) (ovum) donor, age 35 and over,designated recipient
V59.8 Org Or Tissue Donor Nec
V59.81 Other specified organ or tissue
V59.9 Org Or Tissue Donor Nos
V60. Household and economic circumstances (homeless, poverty)
V60.0 Lack Of Housing
V60.1 Inadequate Housing
V60.2 Economic Problem
V60.3 Person Living Alone
V60.4 No Family Able To Care
V60.5 Holiday Relief Care
V60.6 Person In Resident Inst
V60.8 Housing/econo Circum Nec
V60.81 Foster care (status)
V60.89 Other specified housing or economic circumstances
V60.9 Housing/econo Circum Nos
V61. Other family circumstances
V61.0 Family disruption (divorce, single parents)
V61.01 Family disruption due to family member on military deployment
V61.02 Family disruption due to return of family member from military deployment
V61.03 Family disruption due to divorce or legal separation
V61.04 Family disruption due to parent-child estrangement
V61.05 Family disruption due to child in welfare custody
V61.06 Family disruption due to child in foster care or in care of non-parental family member
V61.07 Family disruption due to death of family member
V61.08 Family disruption due to other extended absence of family member
V61.09 Other family disruption
V61.1 Marital problems
V61.10 Consl Partner Prob
V61.11 Cnsl Victm Partner Abuse
V61.12 Cnsl Perp Partner Abuse
V61.2 Parent-child problems
V61.20 Cnsl Prnt-chld Prob Nos
V61.21 Cnsl Victim Child Abuse
V61.22 Cnsl Perp Parent Chld Ab
V61.23 Counseling for parent-biological child problem
V61.24 Counseling for parent-adopted child problem
V61.25 Counseling for parent (guardian)-foster child problem
V61.29 Parent-child Problem Nec
V61.3 Problems with aged parents or in-laws
V61.4 Other family circumstances - Health problems within family
V61.41 Alcoholism In Family
V61.42 Substance abuse in family
V61.49 Family Health Probl Nec
V61.5 Multiparity
V61.6 Illegitimate Pregnancy
V61.7 Other unwanted pregnancy
V61.8 Other specified family circumstances
V61.9 Unspecified family circumstance
V62. Other psychosocial circumstances (unemployment, educational handicap)
V62.0 Unemployment
V62.1 Adverse Eff-work Environ
V62.2 Occup Circumstances Nec
V62.21 Personal current military deployment status
V62.22 Personal history of return from military deployment
V62.29 Other occupational circumstances or maladjustment
V62.3 Educational Circumstance
V62.4 Social maladjustment
V62.5 Euthanasia
V62.6 Refusal Of Treatment
V62.8 Other psychological or physical stress
V62.81 Interpersonal Probl Nec
V62.82 Bereavement, Uncomplicat
V62.83 Cnsl Perp Phys/sex Abuse
V62.84 Suicidal ideation
V62.89 Psychological Stress Nec
V62.9 Unspecified psychosocial circumstance (euthanasia, assisted suicide)
V63. Other psychosocial circumstances
V63.0 Home Remote From Hospitl
V63.1 No Medical Serv In Home
V63.2 Wait Adm To Oth Facility
V63.8 Residential care facility (assisted living); nursing home care (long term care facility)
V63.9 No Med Facilities Nos
V64. Persons encountering health services for specific procedures not carried out
V64.0 No Vaccin/contraindicat
V64.00 Vaccination not carried out, unspecified reason
V64.01 Vaccination not carried out because of acute illness
V64.02 Vaccination not carried out because of chronic illness or condition
V64.03 Vaccination not carried out because of immune compromised state
V64.04 Vaccination not carried out because of allergy to vaccine or component
V64.05 Vaccination not carried out because of caregiver refusal
V64.06 Vaccination not carried out because of patient refusal
V64.07 Vaccination not carried out for religious reasons
V64.08 Vaccination not carried outbecause patient had disease being vaccinated against
V64.09 Vaccination not carried out for other reason
V64.1 Surgical or other procedure not carried out because of contraindication
V64.2 Surgical or other procedure not carried out because of patient's decision
V64.3 Procedure not carried out for other reasons
V64.4 Lap Surg Convert To Open
V64.41 Persons encountering health services for specific procedures, not carried out - Laparoscopic surgical procedure converted to open procedure
V64.42 Thoracoscopic surgical procedure converted to open procedure
V64.43 Arthroscopic surgical procedure converted to open procedure
V64.5 Persons encountering health services for specific procedures, not carried out
V64.59 Persons encountering health services for specific procedures, not carried out
V65. Other persons seeking consultation without complaint or sickness
V65.0 Healthy Person W Sick
V65.1 Person consulting on behalf of another person
V65.11 Pediatric pre-birth visit for expectant parent(s)
V65.19 Other person consulting on behalf of another person
V65.2 Person Feigning Illness
V65.3 Dietary surveillance and counseling
V65.4 Other counseling
V65.40 Counseling Nos
V65.41 Exercise Counseling
V65.42 Counslng Sbstn Use Abuse
V65.43 Counseling Injry Prevent
V65.44 Hiv Counseling
V65.45 Consln Ot Sex Trnsmt Dis
V65.46 Other persons seeking consultation - Encounter for insulin pump training
V65.49 Other Specfd Counseling
V65.5 Persn W Feared Complaint
V65.6Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM); homeopathy; naturopathy; chiropractic visit and other modalities
V65.8 Other reasons for seeking consultation
V65.9 Unspecified reason for consultation
V66. Convalescence
V66.0 Surgical Convalescence
V66.1 Convalescence following radiotherapy
V66.2 Convalescence following chemotherapy
V66.3 Mental Dis Convalescence
V66.4 Fracture Treatmnt Conval
V66.5 Convalescence Nec
V66.6 Comb Treatment Convales
V66.7 Hospice care; palliative care (end-of-life care); home health care; caregiver assistance
V66.9 Convalescence Nos
V67. Follow-up examination
V67.0 Follow-up examination following surgery
V67.00 Follow-up Surgery Nos
V67.01 Follow-up Vag Pap Smear
V67.09 Follow-up Surgery Nec
V67.1 Follow-up examination following radiotherapy
V67.2 Chemotherapy Follow-up
V67.3 Follow-up examination following psychotherapy and other treatment for mental disorder
V67.4 Follow-up examination following treatment of fracture
V67.5 Follow-up examination following other treatment
V67.51 High-risk Rx Nec Exam
V67.59 Follow-up Exam Nec
V67.6 Comb Treatment Follow-up
V67.9 Unspecified follow-up examination
V68. Encounters for administrative purposes
V68.0 Issue of medical certificates
V68.01 Disability; Disability Examination
V68.09 Other issue of medical certificates
V68.1 Issue of repeat prescriptions
V68.2 Request Expert Evidence
V68.8 Encounters for other specified administrative purpose
V68.81 Referral-no Exam/treat
V68.89 Administrtve Encount Nec
V68.9 Administrtve Encount Nos
V69. Problems related to lifestyle
V69.0 Physical inactivity (sedentary behavior); exercise (physical activity)
V69.1 Inapprt Diet Eat Habits
V69.2 High-risk sexual behavior
V69.3 Gambling And Betting
V69.4 Lack of adequate sleep
V69.5 Behavioral insomnia of childhood
V69.8 Oth Prblms Rltd Lfstyle
V69.9 Prblm Rltd Lfstyle Nos
V70. General medical examination
V70.0 Routine general medical examination at a health care facility
V70.00 Routine general medical examination at a health care facility
V70.1 Psych Exam-authority Req
V70.2 General psychiatric examination
V70.3 Other general medical examination for administrative purposes
V70.4 Examination for medicolegal reasons
V70.5 Health examination of defined subpopulations
V70.6 Health Exam-pop Survey
V70.7 Examination for normal comparison or control in clinical research
V70.8 Other specified general medical examinations
V70.9 Unspecified general medical examination
V71. Observation and evaluation for suspected conditions
V71.0 Observation for suspected mental condition
V71.01 Obsv-adult Antisoc Behav
V71.02 Obsv-adolesc Antisoc Beh
V71.09 Observ-mental Cond Nec
V71.1 Observation for suspected malignant neoplasm
V71.2 Observ-suspect Tb
V71.3 Observ-work Accident
V71.4 Observation following other accident
V71.5 Observation following alleged rape or seduction
V71.6 Observation following other inflicted injury
V71.7 Observation for suspected cardiovascular disease
V71.8 Observation for other specified suspected conditions
V71.81 Observe-abuse & Neglect
V71.82 Obs/eval Sus Exp Anthrax
V71.83 Obs/eval Exp Biol Nec
V71.89 Observ-suspect Cond Nec
V71.9 Observation for unspecified suspected condition
V72. Special investigations and examinations
V72.0 Examination of eyes and vision
V72.1 Examination of ears and hearing
V72.11 Encounter for hearing examination following failed hearing screening
V72.12 Encounter for hearing conservation and treatment
V72.19 Other examination of ears and hearing
V72.2 Dental examination; dental care; dental filling; dental visit
V72.20 Orthodontic Visit; Dental Braces (Orthodontic Braces)
V72.3 Gynecological examination
V72.31 Routine gynecological examination
V72.32 Encounter for Papanicolaou cervical smear to confirm findings of recent normal smear following initial abnormal smear
V72.4 Pregnancy examination or test
V72.40 Pregnancy examination or test, pregnancy unconfirmed
V72.41 Pregnancy examination or test, negative result
V72.42 Pregnancy examination or test, positive result
V72.5 Radiological examination
V72.6 Laboratory examination
V72.60 Laboratory examination, unspecified
V72.61 Antibody response examination
V72.62 Laboratory examination ordered as part of a routine general medical examination
V72.63 Pre-procedural laboratory examination
V72.69 Other laboratory examination
V72.7 Diagnostic skin and sensitization tests
V72.8 Other specified examinations
V72.81 Preop Cardiovsclr Exam
V72.82 Preop Respiratory Exam
V72.83LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis); PRK (photorefractive keratectomy)
V72.84 Preop Exam Unspcf
V72.85 Oth Specified Exam
V72.86 Encounter for blood typing
V72.9 Unspecified examination
V73. Special screening examination for viral and chlamydial diseases
V73.0 Screening-poliomyelitis
V73.1 Screening For Smallpox
V73.2 Screening For Measles
V73.3 Screening For Rubella
V73.4 Screening-yellow Fever
V73.5 Screening-arbovirus Dis
V73.6 Screening For Trachoma
V73.8 Other specified viral and chlamydial diseases
V73.81 Special screening examination for Human papillomavirus (HPV)
V73.88 Scrn Oth Spcf Chlmyd Dis
V73.89 Scrn Oth Spcf Viral Dis
V73.9 Unspecified viral and chlamydial disease
V73.98 Scrn Unspcf Chlmyd Dis
V73.99 Scrn Unspcf Viral Dis
V74. Special screening examination for bacterial and spirochetal diseases
V74.0 Screening For Cholera
V74.1 Screening-pulmonary Tb
V74.2 Screening For Leprosy
V74.3 Screening For Diphtheria
V74.4 Screen-bact Conjunctivit
V74.5 Screen For Veneral Dis
V74.6 Screening For Yaws
V74.8 Screen-bacterial Dis Nec
V74.9 Screen-bacterial Dis Nos
V75. Special screening examination for other infectious diseases
V75.0 Screen-rickettsial Dis
V75.1 Screening For Malaria
V75.2 Screen For Leishmaniasis
V75.3 Screen-trypanosomiasis
V75.4 Screen-mycotic Infect
V75.5 Screen-schistosomiasis
V75.6 Screen For Filariasis
V75.7 Screen For Helminthiasis
V75.8 Screen-parasitic Dis Nec
V75.9 Screen For Infec Dis Nos
V76. Special screening for malignant neoplasms
V76.0 Screen Mal Neop-resp Org
V76.1 Screening for malignant neoplasms of breast
V76.10 Scrn Mal Neo Breast Nos
V76.11 Screen Mammogram Hi Risk
V76.12Other screening mammogram; mammography
V76.19 Scrn Mal Neo Breast Nec
V76.2 Pap Smear
V76.3 Screen Mal Neop-bladder
V76.4 Special screening for malignant neoplasms of other sites
V76.41 Screen Mal Neop-rectum
V76.42 Screen Mal Neop-oral Cav
V76.43 Screen Mal Neop-skin
V76.44 Scrn Malig Neop-prostate
V76.45 Screen Malig Neop-testis
V76.46 Screen Malig Neop-ovary
V76.47 Screen Malig Neop-vagina
V76.49 Screen Mal Neop Oth Site
V76.5 Special screening for malignant neoplasms - Intestine
V76.50 Scrn Malig Neo-intes Nos
V76.51 Fecal occult blood test (FOBT)
V76.52 Scrn Mal Neo-small Intes
V76.8 Other neoplasm
V76.81 Screen Neop-nervous Syst
V76.89 Screen Neoplasm Nec
V76.9 Screen-neoplasm Nos
V77. Special screening for endocrine, nutritional, metabolic, and immunity disorders
V77.0 Screen-thyroid Disorder
V77.1 Screen-diabetes Mellitus
V77.2 Screen For Malnutrition
V77.3 Screen-phenylketonuria
V77.4 Screen For Galactosemia
V77.5 Screening For Gout
V77.6 Screen-cystic Fibrosis
V77.7 Screen-inborn Err Metab
V77.8 Screening For Obesity
V77.9 Other and unspecified endocrine, nutritional, metabolic, and immunity disorders
V77.91 Screen Lipoid Disorders
V77.99 Screen-endoc/nut/met Nec
V78. Special screening for disorders of blood and blood-forming organs
V78.0 Screen-iron Defic Anemia
V78.1 Screen-defic Anemia Nec
V78.2 Screen-sickle Cell Dis
V78.3 Scrn-hemoglobinopath Nec
V78.8 Screen-blood Dis Nec
V78.9 Screen-blood Dis Nos
V79. Special screening for mental disorders and developmental handicaps
V79.0 Screening For Depression
V79.1 Screening For Alcoholism
V79.2 Screen-mental Retardat
V79.3 Screen-development Prob
V79.8 Screen-mental Dis Nec
V79.9 Screen-mental Dis Nos
V80. Special screening for neurological, eye, and ear diseases
V80.0 Screen-neurological Cond
V80.01 Special screening for traumatic brain injury
V80.09 Special screening for other neurological conditions
V80.1 Screening For Glaucoma
V80.2 Screening-eye Cond Nec
V80.3 Screening For Ear Dis
V81. Special screening for cardiovascular, respiratory, and genitourinary diseases
V81.0 Scrn-ischemic Heart Dis
V81.1 Screen For Hypertension
V81.2 Screen-cardiovasc Nec
V81.3 Screen-bronch/emphysema
V81.4 Screen-respir Cond Nec
V81.5 Screen For Nephropathy
V81.6 Screen For Gu Cond Nec
V82. Special screening for other conditions
V82.0 Screen For Skin Cond
V82.1 Screen-rheumatoid Arthr
V82.2 Screen-rheumat Dis Nec
V82.3 Screen-cong Hip Dislocat
V82.4 Mat Pstntl Scr-chrm Anom
V82.5 Poisoning
V82.6 Multiphasic Screening
V82.7 Genetic screening
V82.71 Screening for genetic disease carrier status
V82.79 Other genetic screening
V82.8 Other specified examination
V82.81 Antiphospholipid syndrome
V82.89 Screen For Condition Nec
V82.9 Screen For Condition Nos
V83. Genetic carrier status
V83.0 Genetic carrier status - Hemophilia A carrier
V83.01 Asympt Hemoph A Carrier
V83.02 Sympt Hemophil A Carrier
V83.8 Other genetic carrier status
V83.81 Cystic Fibrosis Gene Car
V83.89 Genetic Carrier Stat Nec
V84. Genetic susceptibility to disease
V84.0 Genetic susceptibility to disease - Genetic susceptibility to malignant neoplasm
V84.01 Li-Fraumeni syndrome
V84.02 Genetic susceptibility to disease - Genetic susceptibility to malignant neoplasm of ovary
V84.03 Genetic susceptibility to malignant neoplasm of prostate
V84.04 Genetic susceptibility to malignant neoplasm of endometrium
V84.09 Genetic susceptibility to other malignant neoplasm
V84.8 Genetic susceptibility to other disease
V84.81 Genetic susceptibility to multiple endocrine neoplasia [MEN]
V84.89 Genetic susceptibility to other disease
V85. Body mass index (BMI)
V85.0 Body Mass Index less than 19, adult
V85.1 Body Mass Index between 19-24, adult
V85.2 Body mass index between 25-29, adult
V85.21 Body Mass Index 25.0-25.9, adult
V85.22 Body Mass Index 26.0-26.9, adult
V85.23 Body Mass Index 27.0-27.9, adult
V85.24 Body Mass Index 28.0-28.9, adult
V85.25 Body Mass Index 29.0-29.9, adult
V85.3 Body mass index between 30-39, adult
V85.30 Body Mass Index 30.0-30.9, adult
V85.31 Body Mass Index 31.0-31.9, adult
V85.32 Body Mass Index 32.0-32.9, adult
V85.33 Body Mass Index 33.0-33.9, adult
V85.34 Body Mass Index 34.0-34.9, adult
V85.35 Body Mass Index 35.0-35.9, adult
V85.36 Body Mass Index 36.0-36.9, adult
V85.37 Body Mass Index 37.0-37.9, adult
V85.38 Body Mass Index 38.0-38.9, adult
V85.39 Body Mass Index 39.0-39.9, adult
V85.4 Body Mass Index 40 and over, adult
V85.5 Body mass index, pediatric
V85.51 Body Mass Index, pediatric, less than 5th percentile for age
V85.52 Body Mass Index, pediatric, 5th percentile to less than 85th percentile for age
V85.53 Body Mass Index, pediatric, 85th percentile to less than 95th percentile for age
V85.54 Body Mass Index, pediatric, greater than or equal to 95th percentile for age
V86. Estrogen receptor status
V86.0 Estrogen receptor positive status [ER+]
V86.1 Estrogen receptor negative status [ER-]
V87. Other specified personal exposures and history presenting hazards to health
V87.01 Contact with and (suspected) exposure to arsenic
V87.09 Contact with and (suspected) exposure to other hazardous metals
V87.11 Contact with and (suspected) exposure to aromatic amines
V87.12 Contact with and (suspected) exposure to benzene
V87.19 Contact with and (suspected) exposure to other hazardous aromatic compounds
V87.2 Contact with and (suspected) exposure to other potentially hazardous chemicals
V87.3 Contact with and (suspected) exposure to other potentially hazardous substances
V87.31 Contact with and (suspected) exposure to mold
V87.32 Contact with and (suspected) exposure to algae bloom
V87.39 Contact with and (suspected) exposure to other potentially hazardous substances
V87.4 Personal history of drug therapy
V87.41 Personal history of antineoplastic chemotherapy
V87.42 Personal history of monoclonal drug therapy
V87.43 Personal history of estrogen therapy
V87.44 Personal history of inhaled steroid therapy
V87.45 Personal history of systemic steroid therapy
V87.46 Personal history of immunosuppressive therapy
V87.49 Personal history of other drug therapy
V88. Acquired absence of other organs and tissue
V88.0 Acquired absence of cervix and uterus
V88.01 Acquired absence of both cervix and uterus
V88.02 Acquired absence of uterus with remaining cervical stump
V88.03 Acquired absence of cervix with remaining uterus
V89. Other suspected conditions not found
V89.0 Suspected maternal and fetal conditions not found
V89.01 Suspected problem with amniotic cavity and membrane not found
V89.02 Suspected placental problem not found
V89.03 Suspected fetal anomaly not found
V89.04 Suspected problem with fetal growth not found
V89.05 Suspected cervical shortening not found
V89.09 Other suspected maternal and fetal condition not found
V99. Editor's notes for transfer
V99.0 Editor's scratch page