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ICD Codes And Descriptions for Reference Codes,Reference Codes

REF.1 Definitions of sources and survey data used in the IPD (NHDS, NAMCS, NHAMCS, NSAS, etc.)
REF.79 Pharmaceutical market; biotechnology market
REF.80 International healthcare systems; physician supply; physician specialty
REF.81 Insurance coverage; health insurance; uninsured population
REF.82 Aging and associated health conditions in the geriatric population
REF.83 Expenditures for health; health care costs; national health expenditure
REF.84 Demographics; population segments (e.g., sexual orientation, race/ethnic groups, etc.); population growth; aging trends
REF.85 Vital statistics; mortality; life expectancy
REF.86 Disease burden; notifiable diseases; chronic diseases
REF.87 Internet use
REF.88 Alternative medicine; alternative health care; complementary and alternative medicine (CAM); dietary intake
REF.89 Ambulatory medical care; outpatient visit; ambulatory surgery
REF.90 Reproductive health care services and delivery
REF.91 Veteran population (Veterans Administration, Veterans Affairs)
REF.92 Emergency department
REF.93 Medicaid
REF.94 Medicare
REF.95 Nursing home care (long term care facility); long-term acute care; residential care facility (assisted living)
REF.96 Physical disability
REF.97 U.S. health care, managed care
REF.98 Home health care services; hospice care services
REF.99 Utilization rates for healthcare services; health care utilization