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ICD Codes And Descriptions for Conditions Originating in the Perinatal Period

760. Fetus or newborn affected by maternal conditions which may be unrelated to present pregnancy
760.0 Matern Hyperten Aff Nb
760.1 Matern Urine Dis Aff Nb
760.2 Fetus or newborn affected by maternal infections
760.3 Matern Cardioresp Aff Nb
760.4 Matern Nutrit Dis Aff Nb
760.5 Maternal Injury Aff Nb
760.6 Surg Op On Mother Aff Nb
760.61 Newborn affected by amniocentesis
760.62 Newborn affected by other in utero procedure
760.63 Newborn affected by other surgical operations on mother during pregnancy
760.64 Newborn affected by previous surgical procedure on mother not associated with pregnancy
760.7 Noxious influences affecting fetus or newborn via placenta or breast milk
760.70 Noxious Subst Nos Aff Nb
760.71 Noxious influences affecting the fetus; fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (fetal alcohol syndrome)
760.72 Maternal Narcotic Aff Nb
760.73 Maternal Hallucin Aff Nb
760.74 Maternal Anti-inf Aff Nb
760.75 Cocaine - Nxs Infl Fetus
760.76 Fts/nb Afctd Mtrnl Des
760.77 Anticonvulsants affecting fetus or newborn via placenta or breast milk
760.78 Antimetabolic agents affecting fetus or newborn via placenta or breast milk
760.79 Noxious Subst Nec Aff Nb
760.8 Maternal Cond Nec Aff Nb
760.9 Maternal Cond Nos Aff Nb
761. Fetus or newborn affected by maternal complications of pregnancy
761.0 Incompetnt Cervix Aff Nb
761.1 Premat Rupt Memb Aff Nb
761.2 Oligohydramnios Aff Nb
761.3 Polyhydramnios Aff Nb
761.4 Ectopic Pregnancy Aff Nb
761.5 Mult Pregnancy Aff Nb
761.6 Maternal death; maternal mortality
761.7 Antepart Malpres Aff Nb
761.8 Matern Compl Nec Aff Nb
761.9 Matern Compl Nos Aff Nb
762. Fetus or newborn affected by complications of placenta, cord, and membranes
762.0 Placenta Previa Aff Nb
762.1 Placenta Hem Nec Aff Nb
762.2 Abn Plac Nec/nos Aff Nb
762.3 Placent Transfusion Syn
762.4 Prolapsed Cord Aff Nb
762.5 Oth Umbil Cord Compress
762.6 Other and unspecified conditions of umbilical cord
762.7 Chorioamnionitis Aff Nb
762.8 Abn Amnion Nec Aff Nb
762.9 Abn Amnion Nos Aff Nb
763. Fetus or newborn affected by other complications of labor and delivery
763.0 Breech Del/extrac Aff Nb
763.1 Malpos/dispro Nec Aff Nb
763.2 Forceps Delivery Aff Nb
763.3 Vacuum Extrac Del Aff Nb
763.4 Cesarean Delivery Aff Nb
763.5 Mat Anesth/analg Aff Nb
763.6 Precipitate Del Aff Nb
763.7 Abn Uterine Contr Aff Nb
763.8 Other specified complications of labor and delivery affecting fetus or newborn
763.81 Ab Ftl Hrt Rt/rh B/f Lab
763.82 Ab Ftl Hrt Rt/rh Dur Lab
763.83 Ab Ftl Hrt Rt/rhy Nos
763.84 Meconium passage during delivery
763.89 Compl Del Nec Aff Nb
763.9 Compl Deliv Nos Aff Nb
764. Slow fetal growth and fetal malnutrition; fetal growth restriction (intrauterine growth retardation)
764.0 Light-for-dates - without mention of fetal malnutrition
764.00 Light-for-dates Wtnos
764.01 Light-for-dates <500g
764.02 Lt-for-dates 500-749g
764.03 Lt-for-dates 750-999g
764.04 Lt-for-dates 1000-1249g
764.05 Lt-for-dates 1250-1499g
764.06 Lt-for-dates 1500-1749g
764.07 Lt-for-dates 1750-1999g
764.08 Lt-for-dates 2000-2499g
764.09 Lt-for-dates 2500+g
764.1 Light-for-dates - with signs of fetal malnutrition
764.10 Lt-for-date W/mal Wtnos
764.11 Lt-for-date W/mal <500g
764.12 Lt-date W/mal 500-749g
764.13 Lt-date W/mal 750-999g
764.14 Lt-date W/mal 1000-1249g
764.15 Lt-date W/mal 1250-1499g
764.16 Lt-date W/mal 1500-1749g
764.17 Lt-date W/mal 1750-1999g
764.18 Lt-date W/mal 2000-2499g
764.19 Lt-for-date W/mal 2500+g
764.2 Fetal malnutrition without mention of light-for-dates
764.20 Fetal Malnutrition Wtnos
764.21 Fetal Malnutrition <500g
764.22 Fetal Malnutr 500-749g
764.23 Fetal Mal 750-999g
764.24 Fetal Mal 1000-1249g
764.25 Fetal Mal 1250-1499g
764.26 Fetal Mal 1500-1749g
764.27 Fetal Malnutr 1750-1999g
764.28 Fetal Malnutr 2000-2499g
764.29 Fetal Malnutr 2500+g
764.9 Fetal growth retardation, unspecified
764.90 Fet Growth Retard Wtnos
764.91 Fet Growth Retard <500g
764.92 Fet Growth Ret 500-749g
764.93 Fet Growth Ret 750-999g
764.94 Fet Grwth Ret 1000-1249g
764.95 Fet Grwth Ret 1250-1499g
764.96 Fet Grwth Ret 1500-1749g
764.97 Fet Grwth Ret 1750-1999g
764.98 Fet Grwth Ret 2000-2499g
764.99 Fet Growth Ret 2500+g
765. Disorders relating to short gestation and unspecified low birth weight
765.0 Extreme immaturity; very low birth weight (VLBW); extremely low birth weight (ELBW) (less than 1500 grams and/or a gestation less than 28 completed weeks)
765.00 Extreme Immatur Wtnos
765.01 Extreme Immatur <500g
765.02 Extreme Immatur 500-749g
765.03 Extreme Immatur 750-999g
765.04 Extreme Immat 1000-1249g
765.05 Extreme Immat 1250-1499g
765.06 Extreme Immat 1500-1749g
765.07 Extreme Immat 1750-1999g
765.08 Extreme Immat 2000-2499g
765.09 Extreme Immat 2500+g
765.1 Disorders resulting from preterm birth
765.10 Preterm infant not elsewhere classified
765.11 Preterm Nec <500g
765.12 Preterm Nec 500-749g
765.13 Preterm Nec 750-999g
765.14 Preterm Nec 1000-1249g
765.15 Preterm Nec 1250-1499g
765.16 Preterm infant not elsewhere classified 1500-1749 grams
765.17 Preterm Nec 1750-1999g
765.18 Preterm infant not elsewhere classified 2000-2499 grams
765.19 Preterm infant not elsewhere classified 2500+ grams
765.2 Disorders relating to short gestation and low birthweight - weeks of gestation
765.20 Weeks Of Gestation Nos
765.21 <24 Comp Wks Gestation
765.22 24 Comp Weeks Gestation
765.23 25-26 Comp Wks Gestation
765.24 27-28 Comp Wks Gestation
765.25 29-30 Comp Wks Gestation
765.26 31-32 Comp Wks Gestation
765.27 33-34 Comp Wks Gestation
765.28 35-36 Comp Wks Gestation
765.29 37+ Comp Wks Gestation
766. Disorders relating to long gestation and high birthweight
766.0 Exceptionally large baby; fetal macrosomia (actual birth weight at least 4000 g)
766.1 Other heavy-for-dates infants
766.2 Post-term Infant Nos
766.21 Late infant, not heavy-for-dates - post-term infant
766.22 Prolonged gestation of infant
767. Birth trauma
767.0 Subdural and cerebral hemorrhage due to birth trauma
767.1 Scalp Injury At Birth
767.11 Epicranial subaponeurotic hemorrhage (massive); Subgaleal hemorrhage
767.19 Other injuries to scalp
767.2 Birth trauma with clavicle fracture
767.3 Bone Injury Nec At Birth
767.4 Spinal Cord Inj At Birth
767.5 Facial nerve palsy resulting from birth trauma
767.6 Injury to brachial plexus resulting from birth trauma; brachial plexus injury
767.7 Nerve Inj Nec At Birth
767.8 Birth Trauma Nec
767.9 Birth Trauma Nos
768. Intrauterine hypoxia and birth asphyxia
768.0 Fetal Death-anoxia Nos
768.1 Fet Death-anoxia Dur Lab
768.2 Fet Distress Befor Labor
768.3 Fetal Distress Dur Labor
768.4 Fetal distress, unspecified as to time of onset, in liveborn infant
768.5 Severe Birth Asphyxia
768.6 Mild/mod Birth Asphyxia
768.7 Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy
768.70 Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, unspecified
768.71 Mild hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy
768.72 Moderate hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy
768.73 Severe hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy
768.9 Unspecified asphyxia in liveborn infants; asphyxia (suffocation)
769. Respiratory distress syndrome (infant, newborn); hyaline membrane disease
770. Other respiratory conditions of fetus and newborn
770.0 Congenital Pneumonia
770.1 Meconium aspiration syndrome; meconium staining
770.10 Fetal and newborn aspiration, unspecified
770.11 Meconium aspiration without respiratory symptoms; Meconium aspiration NOS
770.12 Meconium aspiration with respiratory symptoms
770.13 Aspiration of clear amniotic fluid without respiratory symptoms; Aspiration of clear amniotic fluid NOS
770.14 Aspiration of clear amniotic fluid with respiratory symptoms
770.15 Aspiration of blood without respiratory symptoms
770.16 Aspiration of blood with respiratory symptoms
770.17 Other fetal and newborn aspiration without respiratory symptoms
770.18 Other fetal and newborn aspiration with respiratory symptoms
770.2 Interstitial emphysema and related conditions of newborn
770.3 Pulmonary hemorrhage of fetus and newborn
770.4 Primary Atelectasis
770.5 Nb Atelectasis Nec/nos
770.6 Transitory tachypnea of newborn
770.7 Bronchopulmonary dysplasia; chronic respiratory disease arising in perinatal period
770.8 Other respiratory problems of the newborn
770.81 Primary Apnea Of Newborn
770.82 Other Apnea Of Newborn
770.83 Cyanotic Attack, Newborn
770.84 Resp Failure Of Newborn
770.85 Aspiration of postnatal stomach contents without respiratory symptoms
770.86 Aspiration of postnatal stomach contents with respiratory symptoms
770.87 Respiratory arrest of newborn
770.88 Hypoxemia of newborn
770.89 Resp Prob After Brth Nec
770.9 Nb Respiratory Cond Nos
771. Infections specific to the perinatal period
771.0 Congenital rubella; congenital rubella syndrome
771.1 Congenital cytomegalovirus infection
771.2 Other congenital infections specific to the perinatal period (toxoplasmosis, herpes simplex, varicella zoster, listeriosis)
771.3 Tetanus neonatorum (neonatal tetanus)
771.4 Omphalitis Of Newborn
771.5 Neonatal Infec Mastitis
771.6 Neonatal conjunctivitis and dacryocystitis (ophthalmia neonatorum)
771.7 Neonatal Candida Infect
771.8 Other infections specific to perinatal period (amniotic infection of fetus; neonatal urinary tract infection)
771.81 Septicemia (sepsis) of newborn; neonatal sepsis
771.82 Nb Urinary Tract Infectn
771.83 Bacteremia Of Newborn
771.89 Perinatal Infection Nec
772. Fetal and neonatal hemorrhage
772.0 Fetal blood loss; twin-twin transfusion syndrome (oligohydramnios-polyhydramnios sequence)
772.1 Intraventricular hemorrhage of fetus or newborn
772.10 Nb Intraven Hem Nos
772.11 Nb Intraven Hem,grade I
772.12 Nb Intraven Hem,grade Ii
772.13 Nb Intravn Hem,grade Iii
772.14 Nb Intraven Hem,grade Iv
772.2 Nb Subarachnoid Hemorr
772.3 Post-birth Umbil Hemorr
772.4 Nb Gi Hemorrhage
772.5 Nb Adrenal Hemorrhage
772.6 Nb Cutaneous Hemorrhage
772.8 Other specified hemorrhage of fetus and neonate
772.9 Neonatal Hemorrhage Nos
773. Hemolytic disease of fetus or newborn due to isoimmunization
773.0 Hemolytic disease due to Rh isoimmunization
773.1 Nb Hemolyt Dis-abo Isoim
773.2 Hemolytic disease of fetus or newborn due to other and unspecified isoimmunization
773.3 Hydrops Fetalis:isoimm
773.4 Nb Kernicterus:isoimmun
773.5 Nb Late Anemia:isoimmun
774. Other perinatal jaundice
774.0 Perinat Jaund-hered Anem
774.1 Perinat Jaund:hemolysis
774.2 Neonatal jaundice associated with preterm delivery
774.3 Neonatal jaundice due to delayed conjugation from other causes
774.30 Delay Conjugat Jaund Nos
774.31 Neonat Jaund In Oth Dis
774.39 Delay Conjugat Jaund Nec
774.4 Fetal/neonatal Hepatitis
774.5 Perinatal Jaundice Nec
774.6 Unspecified fetal and neonatal jaundice; jaundice; bilirubinemia; fundal jaundice
774.7 Nb Kernicterus
775. Endocrine and metabolic disturbances specific to fetus and newborn
775.0 Infant Diabet Mother Syn
775.1 Neonatal diabetes mellitus (diabetes in a newborn infant)
775.2 Neonat Myasthenia Gravis
775.3 Neonatal Thyrotoxicosis
775.4 Hypocalcem/hypomagnes Nb
775.5 Other transitory neonatal electrolyte disturbances; neonatal dehydration
775.6 Neonatal hypoglycemia
775.7 Late Metab Acidosis Nb
775.8 Transient Met Dis Nb Nec
775.81 Other acidosis of newborn
775.89 Other neonatal endocrine and metabolic disturbances
775.9 Transient Met Dis Nb Nos
776. Hematological disorders of fetus and newborn
776.0 Hemorrhagic disease of newborn; vitamin K deficiency of newborn
776.1 Hemolytic disease of the newborn; alloimmunization (isoimmunization); Rh disease; neonatal thrombocytopenia
776.2 Dissem Intravasc Coag Nb
776.3 Oth Neonatal Coag Dis
776.4 Polycythemia Neonatorum
776.5 Congenital Anemia
776.6 Anemia Of Prematurity
776.7 Neonatal Neutropenia
776.8 Transient Hemat Dis Nec
776.9 Nb Hematological Dis Nos
777. Perinatal disorders of digestive system
777.1 Meconium obstruction
777.2 Intest Obst-inspiss Milk
777.3 Swallowed Blood Syndrome
777.4 Transitory Ileus Of Nb
777.5 Necrotizing enterocolitis in fetus or newborn
777.50 Necrotizing enterocolitis in newborn, unspecified
777.51 Stage I necrotizing enterocolitis in newborn
777.52 Stage II necrotizing enterocolitis in newborn
777.53 Stage III necrotizing enterocolitis in newborn
777.6 Perinatal Intest Perfor
777.8 Perinat Gi Sys Dis Nec
777.9 Perinat Gi Sys Dis Nos
778. Conditions involving integument and temperature regulation of fetus and newborn
778.0 Hydrops fetalis not due to isoimmunization; idiopathic hydrops
778.1 Sclerema Neonatorum
778.2 Nb Cold Injury Syndrome
778.3 Nb Hypothermia Nec
778.4 Nb Temp Regulat Dis Nec
778.5 Edema Of Newborn Nec/nos
778.6 Congenital Hydrocele
778.7 Nb Breast Engorgement
778.8 Nb Integument Cond Nec
778.9 Nb Integument Cond Nos
779. Other and ill-defined conditions originating in perinatal period
779.0 Convulsions in newborn; neonatal seizure
779.1 Nb Cereb Irrit Nec/nos
779.2 Cns Dysfunction Syn Nb
779.3 Feeding problems in newborn
779.31 Feeding problems in newborn
779.32 Bilious vomiting in newborn
779.33 Other vomiting in newborn
779.34 Failure to thrive in newborn
779.4 Nb Drug Reaction/intoxic
779.5 Drug withdrawal syndrome in newborn; neonatal abstinence syndrome
779.6 Termination Of Pregnancy
779.7 Perivent Leukomalacia
779.8 Other specified conditions originating in the perinatal period
779.81 Neonatal Bradycardia
779.82 Neonatal Tachycardia
779.83 Delayed separation of umbilical cord
779.84 Meconium staining
779.85 Cardiac arrest of newborn
779.89 Perinatal Condition Nec
779.9 Perinatal Condition Nos