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IPD Country/Territory Include List

The IPD includes data from the following countries/territories (where available). Data for countries/territories that are not on this list might also be included on a case-by-case basis. The criteria used to select countries to include are as follows:

G20 Countries Other Included Countries/Territories
Argentina Bangladesh
Australia Chile
Brazil Colombia
Canada (G7) Cuba
China Democratic Republic of Congo
European Union Egypt
     Austria Ethiopia
     Belgium Hong Kong
     Czech Republic Iceland
     Denmark Iran
      Finland Iraq
     France (G7) Israel
     Germany (G7) Kenya
     Greece Malaysia
     Hungary Morocco
     Ireland New Zealand
     Italy (G7) Norway
     Netherlands Pakistan
     Poland Peru
     Portugal Philippines
     Romania Singapore
     Spain Slovakia
     Sweden Somalia
     United Kingdom (G7) Sudan
India Switzerland
Indonesia Taiwan
Japan (G7) Tanzania
Mexico Thailand
Russian Federation Uganda
Saudi Arabia Ukraine
South Africa United Arab Emirates
South Korea Vietnam
United States (G7)