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Keyword Help

The IPD uses a controlled vocabulary of over 10,000 keywords to help you better target your search needs. These keywords are based on the text of the original source and are designed to help you find the disease, procedure, country, symptom or health issue that you are interested in.

The best way to start a search is to select the Keyword Search option. When you type a word or partial word in the criteria box, a dropdown list of all keywords containing your search term will appear onscreen. Select your keyword from the list and either click "Search the IPD" or repeat this process to add a second or third keyword to your search.

Using truncated terms can help you find the exact keyword you are looking for. For example, using "diab" will give you our complete list of diabetes keywords, including "diabetic neuropathy" as well as “gestational diabetes”.

Note: Keywords are assigned specifically to Article Reviews. In addition to the matching Article Reviews, the results of a keyword search include the Overview Reports pertaining to the entire ICD code of each matching Article Review. This overview data is included as a convenience but is not directly associated with the detailed keyword criteria.

In addition to any indication or procedure you are looking for, we have other helpful keywords. Many of these can be further stratified (by time period, type or anatomical location) using the dropdown list that appears:

Diagnosis (diagnosed rate, underdiagnosis)
Gene or mutation
Level (use with biomarkers)
Number of
Population (adolescent, pediatric, geriatric)
Treat (rate, cost, delay...)
Severity (mild, moderate, severe)

Complete list of available keywords

You can now also search for Article Reviews by country or region (e.g. "Italy", "China", "Europe").