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IPD Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find more details about the new results page?

Click here for more details!

Q: Who will find the IPD useful?

A: The IPD will be of particular interest to those involved in market research, product development, strategic planning, new business development, clinical research, licensing, stock market analysis, and the medical field in general.

Q: What epidemiology-related topics does the IPD include?

A: The IPD contains data for thousands of diseases and procedures including incidence, prevalence, morbidity, mortality, trends, cost, risk-factors, and disease classifications.

Q: Which countries are covered by the IPD?

A: The IPD includes data for many countries (as available). The criteria used to determine country coverage are as follows:

For a list of countries covered, please click here.

Q: What types of questions is the IPD designed to answer?

A: Use the IPD to answer questions such as these:

Q: Where does the IPD not apply?

The IPD covers epidemiology and related areas. It does not include specific medical therapies or drugs in development. However, we have included some "hot topic" treatment data (e.g., alternative therapies, insulin therapy, antiemetics, etc.). You can review our treatment-related keywords by typing "therapy," "treat" or “medication” into the keyword search window.

Q: What kinds of sources are integrated into the IPD?

A: Our sources include both online and print-based texts, government reports, medical journals, trade journals, market investment reports, database audits, industry contacts, medical and scientific associations, and national and international health care surveys. All data is referenced by source.

IPD Features

Article Reviews

Article Reviews contain specific epidemiology data (incidence, prevalence, morbidity, mortality) and related topics (cost, risk factors, prognosis). Certain non-disease topics like treatment compliance and managed care, as well as more general topics like chronic pain, are also covered. Our analysts review hundreds of trade journals, medical journals, audits, online databases, registries, and market investment reports each month and summarize the data into Article Reviews with descriptive headings. Condensed notes about the study design are also included to provide vital contextual information. Full source citations are provided for each entry.

IPD Summaries

Compiled from our Article Reviews, tables of worldwide and regional incidence and prevalence data (in absolute numbers and as rates, where available) are provided in HTML or Excel format for the top disease codes. Also included are summaries of major Subgroups and Trends and a list of related ICD codes. Full source citations are provided for each entry.

Global Incidence & Prevalence Report with Map

Other Resources