ICD-9 Code List
 ICD Codes And Descriptions for Congenital Anomalies 
740. Anencephalus and similar anomalies
740.0 Anencephalus; anencephaly
740.1 Craniorachischisis
740.2 Iniencephaly
741. Spina bifida; neural tube defects
741.0 Spina bifida with hydrocephalus
741.00 Spin Bif W Hydroceph Nos
741.01 Spin Bif W Hydrceph-cerv
741.02 Spin Bif W Hydrceph-dors
741.03 Spin Bif W Hydrceph-lumb
741.9 Spina bifida without mention of hydrocephalus
741.90 Spina bifida with hydrocephalus without hydrocephalus unspecified
741.91 Spina Bifida-cerv
741.92 Spina Bifida-dorsal
741.93 Spina Bifida-lumbar
742. Other congenital anomalies of nervous system
742.0 Encephalocele
742.1 Microcephalus; microencephaly; microcephaly
742.2 Reduction deformities of brain; holoprosencephaly
742.3 Hydrocephalus; congenital hydrocephalus; Dandy-Walker malformation
742.4 Other specified anomalies of brain (congenital cyst, macroencephaly, macrogyria, megalencephaly)
742.5 Other specified anomalies of spinal cord
742.51 Diastematomyelia
742.53 Hydromyelia
742.59 Anomalies of the spinal cord (myelodysplastic syndromes)
742.8 Other specified anomalies of the nervous system
742.9 Nervous System Anom Nos
743. Congenital anomalies of eye
743.0 Anophthalmos
743.00 Clinic Anophthalmos Nos
743.03 Congen Cystic Eyeball
743.06 Cryptophthalmos
743.1 Microphthalmos
743.10 Microphthalmos Nos
743.11 Simple Microphthalmos
743.12 Microphth W Oth Eye Anom
743.2 Buphthalmos (congenital glaucoma, hydrophthalmos)
743.20 Buphthalmos Nos
743.21 Simple Buphthalmos
743.22 Buphthal W Oth Eye Anom
743.3 Congenital cataract (infantile cataract); congenital cataract and lens anomalies
743.30 Congenital Cataract Nos
743.31 Capsular Cataract
743.32 Cortical/zonular Catarac
743.33 Nuclear Cataract
743.34 Cong Tot/subtot Cataract
743.35 Congenital Aphakia
743.36 Anomalies Of Lens Shape
743.37 Congenital Ectopic Lens
743.39 Cong Catar/lens Anom Nec
743.4 Coloboma and other anomalies of anterior segment
743.41 Anom Corneal Size/shape
743.42 Cong Cornea Opac Aff Vis
743.43 Cong Corneal Opacit Nec
743.44 Anom Anter Chamber-eye
743.45 Aniridia
743.46 Anom Iris & Cil Body Nec
743.47 Anomalies Of Sclera
743.48 Mult Anom Anter Seg-eye
743.49 Anom Anter Seg Nec-eye
743.5 Congenital anomalies of posterior segment
743.51 Vitreous Anomalies
743.52 Fundus Coloboma
743.53 Cong Chorioretinal Degen
743.54 Cong Fold/cyst Post Eye
743.55 Cong Macular Change-eye
743.56 Cong Retinal Changes Nec
743.57 Specific anomalies of optic disc
743.58 Vascular Anom Post Eye
743.59 Post Segmnt Anom Nec-eye
743.6 Congenital anomalies of eyelids, lacrimal system, and orbit
743.61 Congenital Ptosis
743.62 Congenital Eyelid Deform
743.63 Spec Anom Of Eyelid Nec
743.64 Spec Lacrimal Gland Anom
743.65 Spec Lacrimal Pass Anom
743.66 Spec Anomaly Of Orbit
743.69 Anom Eyelid/lacr/orb Nec
743.8 Other specified anomalies of the eye
743.9 Eye Anomaly Nos
744. Congenital anomalies of ear
744.0 Anomalies of ear causing impairment of hearing
744.00 Ear Anom Nos/impair Hear
744.01 Cong Absence Ext Ear
744.02 Other anomalies of external ear with impairment of hearing
744.03 Middle Ear Anomaly Nec
744.04 Anomalies Ear Ossicles
744.05 Anomalies Of Inner Ear
744.09 Ear Anom Nec/impair Hear
744.1 Accessory Auricle
744.2 Other specified anomalies of ear
744.21 Cong Absence Of Ear Lobe
744.22 Macrotia
744.23 Microtia; anotia
744.24 Eustachian Tube Anom Nec
744.29 Ear Anomalies Nec
744.3 Ear Anomaly Nos
744.4 Branchial cleft cyst or fistula; preauricular sinus
744.41 Branch Cleft Sinus/fistu
744.42 Branchial Cleft Cyst
744.43 Cervical Auricle
744.46 Preauricular Sinus/fistu
744.47 Preauricular Cyst
744.49 Branchial Cleft Anom Nec
744.5 Webbing Of Neck
744.8 Other specified anomalies of face and neck
744.81 Macrocheilia
744.82 Microcheilia
744.83 Macrostomia
744.84 Microstomia
744.89 Cong Face/neck Anom Nec
744.9 Cong Face/neck Anom Nos
745. Bulbus cordis anomalies and anomalies of cardiac septal closure
745.0 Common truncus anomaly; truncus arteriosus (common truncus)
745.1 Transposition of the great arteries
745.10 Compl Transpos Great Ves
745.11 Double outlet right ventricle
745.12 Correct Transpos Grt Ves
745.19 Transpos Great Vess Nec
745.2 Tetralogy of Fallot
745.3 Common Ventricle
745.4 Ventricular septal defect; Eisenmenger syndrome
745.5 Atrial septal defect (ASD); patent foramen ovale (PFO)
745.6 Endocardial cushion defects
745.60 Endocard Cushion Def Nos
745.61 Ostium primum defect (Persistent ostium primum)
745.69Atrioventricular septal defect (AVSD); other endocardial cushion defects
745.7 Cor Biloculare
745.8 Septal Closure Anom Nec
745.9 Septal Closure Anom Nos
746. Other congenital heart anomalies; congenital heart disease
746.0 Pulmonary valve anomaly
746.00 Pulmonary Valve Anom Nos
746.01Pulmonary atresia; atresia of pulmonary valve, congenital
746.02 Congenital pulmonary valve stenosis; pulmonary stenosis (pulmonic stenosis)
746.09 Pulmonary Valve Anom Nec
746.1 Tricuspid atresia; tricuspid stenosis
746.2 Ebstein anomaly
746.3 Congenital stenosis of aortic valve
746.4 Congenital insufficiency of aortic valve; congenital bicuspid aortic valve
746.5 Congenital mitral stenosis
746.6 Cong Mitral Insufficienc
746.7 Hypoplastic left heart syndrome
746.71 Hypoplastic right heart syndrome
746.8 Other specified congenital anomalies of heart; congenital heart disease
746.81 Cong Subaortic Stenosis
746.82 Cor Triatriatum
746.83 Infundib Pulmon Stenosis
746.84 Obstruct Heart Anom Nec
746.85 Coronary Artery Anomaly
746.86 Congenital heart block; complete or incomplete atrioventricular block (AV block)
746.87 Malposition of heart; dextrocardia
746.89 Other specified congenital anomalies of heart
746.9 Unspecified anomaly of heart
747. Other congenital anomalies of circulatory system
747.0 Patent ductus arteriosus
747.1 Coarctation of the aorta; aortic coarctation
747.10 Coarctation of the aorta
747.11 Aortic arch interruption
747.2 Other anomalies of the aorta
747.20 Cong Anom Of Aorta Nos
747.21 Anomalies Of Aortic Arch
747.22 Aortic Atresia/stenosis
747.29 Cong Anom Of Aorta Nec
747.3 Congenital anomalies of pulmonary artery
747.4 Anomalies of great veins
747.40 Great Vein Anomaly Nos
747.41 Tot Anom Pulm Ven Connec
747.42 Part Anom Pulm Ven Conn
747.49 Anomalous pulmonary venous connection; Scimitar syndrome
747.5 Absence or hypoplasia of umbilical artery (single umbilical artery)
747.6 Other congenital anomalies of peripheral vascular system
747.60 Anomaly of the peripheral vascular system, unspecified site
747.61 Gstrontest Vesl Anomaly
747.62 Renal Vessel Anomaly
747.63 Upr Limb Vessel Anomaly
747.64 Lwr Limb Vessel Anomaly
747.69 Oth Spcf Prph Vscl Anoml
747.8 Other specified congenital anomalies of circulatory system
747.81 Arteriovenous malformation (AVM); cavernous malformation; anomalies of cerebrovascular system
747.82 Spinal Vessel Anomaly
747.83 Persistent Fetal Circ
747.89 Circulatory Anomaly Nec
747.9 Circulatory Anomaly Nos
748. Congenital anomalies of respiratory system
748.0 Choanal atresia
748.1 Other anomalies of nose
748.2 Laryngeal Web
748.3 Other congenital anomalies of larynx; laryngomalacia
748.4 Congenital Cystic Lung
748.5 Agenesis, hypoplasia, and dysplasia of lung
748.6 Other anomalies of lung
748.60 Lung Anomaly Nos
748.61 Congen Bronchiectasis
748.69 Lung Anomaly Nec
748.8 Respiratory Anomaly Nec
748.9 Respiratory Anomaly Nos
749. Cleft palate and cleft lip
749.0 Cleft palate
749.00 Cleft Palate Nos
749.01 Unilat Cleft Palate-comp
749.02 Unilat Cleft Palate-inc
749.03 Bilat Cleft Palate-compl
749.04 Bilat Cleft Palate-inc
749.1 Cleft lip
749.10 Cleft Lip Nos
749.11 Unilat Cleft Lip-compl
749.12 Unilat Cleft Lip-imcompl
749.13 Bilat Cleft Lip-complete
749.14 Bilat Cleft Lip-incompl
749.2 Cleft palate with cleft lip
749.20 Cleft Palate & Lip Nos
749.21 Unil Cleft Palat/lip-com
749.22 Unil Cleft Palat/lip-inc
749.23 Bilat Clft Palat/lip-com
749.24 Bilat Clft Palat/lip-inc
749.25 Cleft Palate & Lip Nec
750. Other congenital anomalies of upper alimentary tract
750.0 Ankyloglossia (tongue tie)
750.1 Other anomalies of tongue
750.10 Tongue Anomaly Nos
750.11 Aglossia
750.12 Cong Adhesions Of Tongue
750.13 Cong Fissure Of Tongue
750.15 Cong Macroglossia
750.16 Microglossia
750.19 Tongue Anomaly Nec
750.2 Other specified anomalies of mouth and pharynx
750.21 Salivary Gland Absence
750.22 Accessory Salivary Gland
750.23 Cong Atresia, Saliv Duct
750.24 Cong Salivary Fistula
750.25 Congenital Lip Fistula
750.26 Mouth Anomaly Nec
750.27 Diverticulum Of Pharynx
750.29 Pharyngeal Anomaly Nec
750.3 Tracheoesophageal fistula, esophageal atresia, and stenosis
750.4 Esophageal Anomaly Nec
750.5 Congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis; infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis
750.6 Congenital Hiatus Hernia
750.7 Gastric Anomaly Nec
750.8 Upper Gi Anomaly Nec
750.9 Upper Gi Anomaly Nos
751. Other congenital anomalies of digestive system
751.0 Meckel's diverticulum
751.1 Atresia and stenosis of small intestine; intestinal atresia
751.2 Atresia and stenosis of large intestine, rectum, and anal canal
751.3 Hirschsprung's disease and other congenital functional disorders of the colon (congenital megacolon)
751.4 Anomalies of intestinal fixation
751.5 Other congenital anomalies of intestine
751.6 Anomalies of gallbladder, bile ducts, and liver
751.60 Biliary & Liver Anom Nos
751.61 Biliary atresia
751.62Polycystic liver disease; autosomal-dominant polycystic liver disease (ADPLD)
751.69 Other congenital anomalies of gallbladder, bile ducts, and liver
751.7 Pancreas Anomalies
751.8 Other specified anomalies of digestive system
751.9 Anom Digestive Syst Nos
752. Congenital anomalies of genital organs
752.0 Anomalies Of Ovaries
752.1 Congenital anomalies of fallopian tubes and broad ligaments
752.10 Tubal/broad Lig Anom Nos
752.11 Embryonic cyst of fallopian tubes and broad ligaments
752.19 Tubal/broad Lig Anom Nec
752.2 Doubling of uterus (didelphic uterus)
752.3 Uterine Anomaly Nec
752.4 Anomalies of cervix, vagina, and external female genitalia
752.40 Cervix/fem Gen Anom Nos
752.41 Embryon Cyst Fem Gen Nec
752.42 Imperforate Hymen
752.49 Other anomalies of cervix, vagina, and external female genitalia
752.5 Undescended and retractile testicle
752.51 Cryptorchidism (undescended testis)
752.52 Retractile Testis
752.6 Hypospadias and epispadias
752.61 Hypospadias (unspecified)
752.62 Epispadias
752.63 Congenital Chordee
752.64 Micropenis
752.65 Hidden Penis
752.69 Penile torsion; penile anomalies not elsewhere classified
752.7 Indeterminate sex (pseudohermaphroditism)
752.8 Other specified anomalies of genital organs
752.81 Scrotal transposition
752.89 Other specified anomalies of genital organs; unilateral absence of the vas deferens (UAVD)
752.9 Genital Organ Anom Nos
753. Congenital anomalies of urinary system
753.0 Renal agenesis; renal dysgenesis
753.1 Cystic kidney disease
753.10 Cystic kidney disease, unspecified
753.11 Congenital single renal cyst
753.12 Polycystic kidney, unspecified
753.13 Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD)
753.14 Autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease
753.15 Renal Dysplasia
753.16 Medullary Cystic Kidney
753.17 Medullary Sponge Kidney
753.19 Unspecified anomaly of the urinary system
753.2 Obstructive defects of renal pelvis and ureter
753.20 Obs Dfct Ren Plv&urt Nos
753.21 Congenital obstruction of ureteropelvic junction; ureteropelvic junction obstruction
753.22 Cong Obst Ureteroves Jnc
753.23 Congenital Ureterocele
753.29 Obst Def Ren Plv&urt Nec
753.3 Other specified anomalies of kidney
753.4 Ureteral Anomaly Nec
753.5 Exstrophy of urinary bladder; bladder exstrophy
753.6 Atresia and stenosis of urethra and bladder neck
753.7 Anomalies Of Urachus
753.8 Other specified anomalies of bladder and urethra
753.9 Urinary Anomaly Nos
754. Certain congenital musculoskeletal deformities; intoeing
754.0 Cong Skull/face/jaw Def
754.1 Congenital musculoskeletal deformities of sternocleidomastoid muscle
754.2 Cong Postural Deformity
754.3 Hip dysplasia; congenital hip dysplasia (developmental dislocation of hip); hip dislocation at birth
754.30 Cong Hip Disloc, Unilat
754.31 Congen Hip Disloc, Bilat
754.32 Cong Hip Sublux, Unilat
754.33 Cong Hip Sublux, Bilat
754.35 Cong Hip Disloc W Sublux
754.4 Congenital genu recurvatum and bowing of long bones of leg
754.40 Cong Genu Recurvatum
754.41 Cong Knee Dislocation
754.42 Congen Bowing Of Femur
754.43 Cong Bowing Tibia/fibula
754.44 Cong Bowing Leg Nos
754.5 Congenital varus deformities of feet
754.50 Talipes Varus
754.51 Clubfoot (Talipes Equinovarus)
754.52 Metatarsus Primus Varus
754.53 Metatarsus Varus
754.59 Cong Varus Foot Def Nec
754.6 Valgus deformities of feet
754.60 Talipes Valgus
754.61 Congenital pes planus; flat foot (pes planus)
754.62 Talipes Calcaneovalgus
754.69 Cong Valgus Foot Def Nec
754.7 Other deformities of feet
754.70 Talipes Nos
754.71 Talipes Cavus
754.79 Cong Foot Deform Nec
754.8 Other specified nonteratogenic anomalies
754.81 Pectus excavatum
754.82 Pectus Carinatum
754.89 Other specified nonteratogenic anomalies
755. Other congenital anomalies of limbs
755.0 Polydactyly
755.00 Polydactyly Nos
755.01 Polydactyly, Fingers
755.02 Polydactyly, Toes
755.1 Syndactyly
755.10 Syndactyly, Multiple/nos
755.11 Syndactyl Fing-no Fusion
755.12Syndactyly; polysyndactyly
755.13 Syndactyl Toe-no Fusion
755.14 Syndactyl Toe W Fusion
755.2 Reduction deformities of upper limb
755.20 Reduc Deform Up Limb Nos
755.21 Transverse Defic Arm
755.22 Longitud Defic Arm Nec
755.23 Combin Longit Defic Arm
755.24 Longitudin Defic Humerus
755.25 Longitud Defic Radioulna
755.26 Longitud Defic Radius
755.27 Longitudinal Defic Ulna
755.28 Longitudinal Defic Hand
755.29 Longitud Defic Phalanges
755.3 Reduction deformities of lower limb; anomalies of lower limb; limb deficiency; limb defect
755.30 Reduction Deform Leg Nos
755.31 Transverse Defic Leg
755.32 Longitudin Defic Leg Nec
755.33 Comb Longitudin Def Leg
755.34 Longitudinal Defic Femur
755.35 Tibiofibula Longit Defic
755.36 Longitudinal Defic Tibia
755.37 Longitudin Defic Fibula
755.38 Longitudinal Defic Foot
755.39 Longitud Defic Phalanges
755.4 Reduction deformities, unspecified limb
755.5 Other anomalies of upper limb, including shoulder girdle
755.50 Upper Limb Anomaly Nos
755.51 Cong Deformity-clavicle
755.52 Cong Elevation-scapula
755.53 Radioulnar Synostosis
755.54 Madelungs Deformity
755.55 Acrocephalosyndactyly; Apert's syndrome
755.56 Accessory Carpal Bones
755.57 Macrodactylia (fingers)
755.58 Congenital Cleft Hand
755.59 Upper Limb Anomaly Nec
755.6 Other congenital anomalies of lower limb
755.60 Lower Limb Anomaly Nos
755.61 Congenital Coxa Valga
755.62 Congenital Coxa Vara
755.63 Other congenital deformities of hip (joint)
755.64 Cong Knee Deformity
755.65 Macrodactylia Of Toes
755.66 Anomalies Of Toes Nec
755.67 Anomalies Of Foot Nec
755.69 Lower Limb Anomaly Nec
755.8 Congen Limb Anomaly Nec
755.9 Congen Limb Anomaly Nos
756. Other congenital musculoskeletal anomalies
756.0Anomalies of skull and face bones (craniosynostosis, Treacher Collins syndrome, plagiocephaly, microsomia, Rubinstein-Tabyi syndrome; Crouzon syndrome, Saethre-Chotzen syndrome, and others)
756.1 Congenital anomalies of spine
756.10 Anomaly Of Spine Nos
756.11 Spondylolysis
756.12 Spondylolisthesis
756.13 Cong Absence Of Vertebra
756.14 Hemivertebra
756.15 Congen Fusion Of Spine
756.16 Klippel-Feil syndrome
756.17 Spina Bifida Occulta
756.19 Anomaly Of Spine Nec
756.2 Cervical Rib
756.3 Rib & Sternum Anomal Nec
756.4Chondrodystrophy (Chondrodysplasia, Achondroplasia, Exostosis, and Other Types)
756.5 Osteodystrophies
756.50Skeletal dysplasia; osteodystrophy; osteochondrodysplasia
756.51 Osteogenesis imperfecta
756.52 Osteopetrosis
756.53 Osteopoikilosis
756.54 Polyostotic Fibros Dyspl
756.55 Chondroectoderm Dysplas
756.56 Mult Epiphyseal Dysplas
756.59 Osteodystrophy Nec
756.6 Congenital anomalies of diaphragm
756.7 Congenital anomalies of abdominal wall
756.70 Congn Anoml Abd Wall Nos
756.71 Prune belly syndrome
756.72 Omphalocele
756.73 Gastroschisis
756.79 Congn Anoml Abd Wall Nec
756.8 Other specified anomalies of muscle, tendon, fascia, and connective tissue
756.81 Absence Of Muscle/tendon
756.82 Accessory Muscle
756.83 Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
756.89 Other specified anomalies of muscle, tendon, fascia; Poland syndrome; nail-patella syndrome
756.9 Other and unspecified anomalies of musculoskeletal system
756.90 Waardenburg syndrome
757. Congenital anomalies of integument
757.0 Hereditary Edema Of Legs
757.1 Ichthyosis; ichthyosis congenita
757.2 Dermatoglyphic Anomalies
757.3 Other specified anomalies of skin
757.31 Congenital ectodermal dysplasia
757.32 Port-Wine Stain; Strawberry Hemangioma; Hamartoma; Birthmark
757.33 Congenital pigmentary anomalies of skin (poikiloderma, urticaria pigmentosa, mastocytosis, and xeroderma pigmentosum)
757.39 Other congenital anomalies of the integument; epidermolysis bullosa
757.4 Hair Anomalies Nec
757.5 Nail Anomalies Nec
757.6 Breast Anomalies Nec
757.8 Oth Integument Anomalies
757.9 Integument Anomaly Nos
758. Chromosomal anomalies
758.0 Down syndrome (trisomy 21)
758.1 Patau's syndrome (Trisomy 13)
758.2 Edwards' syndrome (trisomy 18)
758.3 Autosomal deletion syndromes
758.31 Cri-du-chat syndrome
758.32 22q11.2 deletion (DiGeorge syndrome, velocardiofacial syndrome)
758.33 Other microdeletions
758.39 Other autosomal deletions
758.4 Balanced autosomal translocation in normal individual
758.5 Other conditions due to autosomal anomalies
758.6 Gonadal dysgenesis; Turner syndrome (45,X); XO syndrome
758.7 Klinefelter syndrome (47,XXY)
758.8 Other conditions due to sex chromosome anomalies
758.81Trisomy X; triple X syndrome (47,XXX); XYY male syndrome (47,XYY); XXXY syndrome; XXYY syndrome; XXXXY syndrome
758.89 Other conditions due to chromosome anomalies; triploidy; diploidy
758.9 Conditions due to anomaly of unspecified chromosome
759. Other and unspecified congenital anomalies
759.0 Anomalies Of Spleen
759.1 Adrenal Gland Anomaly
759.2 Ectopic thymus; endocrine anomaly not elsewhere classified
759.3Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia; Situs inversus
759.4 Conjoined twins; Siamese twins
759.5 Tuberous sclerosis
759.6 Von Hippel-Lindau disease; Sturge-Weber syndrome; Peutz-Jeghers syndrome; hamartoses not elsewhere classified
759.7 Multiple congenital anomalies
759.8 Other congenital anomalies
759.81 Prader-Willi syndrome
759.82 Marfan syndrome
759.83 Fragile X syndrome
759.88Barth Syndrome
759.89 Congenital Malformation Syndromes (Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome, Noonan Syndrome, Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome, VATER Syndrome (VACTERL Association), Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome, Williams Syndrome, Alagille Syndrome, and Others)
759.9 Congenital Anomaly Nos
759.90 Cornelia de Lange syndrome