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ICD Code: 493. Asthma

ICD Code: 493. Article Review
Title: Wolkewitz M et al; "Lifetime Prevalence of Self-Reported Atopic Diseases in a Population-Based Sample of Elderly Subjects: Results of the ESTHER Study." British Journal of Dermatology; V.156; 2007; p693
      STUDY DESIGN: Generally, the prevalence of atopic diseases is higher in industrial countries than in Eastern European and developing countries. So far, studies on prevalence and incidence have mainly covered school children, and studies in adults are still rare. The aim of the present study was to estimate the lifetime prevalence of atopic dermatitis, asthma, and hay fever in an elderly population aged 50 to 74 years, and to investigate the relationship between atopic diseases and sociodemographic factors in adults.
      The ESTHER study is a prospective cohort study on new approaches to the prevention and early detection of chronic diseases among older adults. The study recruited 9961 subjects who had a general health check by a general practitioner between June 2000 and December 2002, were between ages 50 and 74 years, speak German, and reside in Saarland, Germany. This analysis is based on information obtained from the patients' questionnaire.
      PREVALENCE (GERMANY): Prevalence rates and odds ratios (respectively) for self-reported asthma were reported as follows. Gender: female, 5.4%, 1.0; male, 5.7%, 1.1. Age (years): 50 to 59, 5.6%, 1.0; 60 to 69, 5.5%, 1.0; 70 to 74, 5.3%, 1.0. Duration of school education: 9 years or fewer, 5.3%, 1.0; 10 to 11 years, 6.7%, 1.3; more than 11 years, 6.0%, 1.3. Size of place of residence before age 18 years: village, 5.4%, 1.0; small town, 6.1%, 1.1; large city, 5.4%, 1.0.
      The age-specific lifetime prevalence of asthma was reported as follows for females versus males: 50 to 55 years, 6.5% vs 4.9%; 55 to 60 years, 5.9% vs 4.9%; 60 to 65 years, 5.0% vs 4.8%; 65 to 70 years, 5.1% vs 7.7%; 70 to 75 years, 4.6% vs 6.1%.

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