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Incidence & Prevalence Database (IPD)


IPDv4.1 is a revolutionary new way to view and use epidemiological data. The key enhancement is a shift from individual Article Reviews to summary reports as the organizing elements. Below are some of the specific changes in IPDv4.1.

The original IPD Summaries will be divided into the following reports, with Projections newly added in v4.1:

  • IPD Summary Tables & Projections (recent international epi data plus 25 years of census-based projections)
  • Subgroup Reports

The original Global Incidence & Prevalence Report will be divided into the following reports, which will retain their geographic indexing:

  • Incidence & Prevalence Report (for diagnostic codes)
  • Procedure Report (for procedure codes)

The original Article Reviews will be archived and available for searching.

We will continue to transition existing content into summary form. As always, every report has a full citation, and all new reports are tagged with keywords. There will also be some small changes to the search interface: the Keyword search remains the same, and next to it is a new Summary Browse tab that links to our growing list of available summaries (always run a Keyword search for full coverage of your topic). In addition, the ICD Code search now includes ICD-10 searching as well as ICD-9.

IPDv4.1 is a direct response to our customers’ requests for more summarized data. We hope it will catalyze solutions to queries in epidemiology with a quantum leap in convenience.