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ICD Code: 493. Asthma

ICD Code: 493. Article Review
Title: Brown CW et al; "Allergy Prevalence and Causal Factors in the Domestic Environment: Results of a Random Population Survey in the United Kingdom." Annals of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology; V.83; 9/99; p240
      STUDY DESIGN: The authors conducted a survey over a representative cross-section of the UK population which looked at the prevalence of the main types of allergic disease, both from a diagnosed and non-diagnosed point of view. This survey was based on a simple consumer questionnaire, which was prepared by the authors and fielded as part of a more general national omnibus questionnaire. The survey was based on a representative sample of 2000 adults (male and female) aged 16 years or more, selected from a minimum of 130 sampling points by a random location method. It was important for the survey to cover all age groups. The study's spread of age groups and household sizes is assumed to be representative of the UK population.
      PREVALENCE (UK): The current estimate of the prevalence of asthma for the general UK population is about 6%. Surveys focus on particular groups, e.g., studies of children report the prevalence of asthma to be higher (13.1% and 21%) compared with upper estimates for adults (8.4% and 12%). The estimate from the current survey (12%) is higher than clinical estimates, however, if an average is taken over all the recent studies performed in the UK; ignoring the demographic nature of the sample, a figure of about 11.6% is obtained. This is consistent with the results reported here. Recent estimates for asthma prevalence in other regions and demographic samples range from 2.5% to 18% of the measured population, indicating a variation in the scale of the problem worldwide.

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