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ICD Code: 493. Asthma

ICD Code: 493. Article Review
Title: Eurobarometer; "Health in the European Union."; 9/07; p1
      DATA SOURCE: As part of the European Commission’s Health Strategy, a Public Health Programme was adopted for the period 2003-2007. Among other objectives, this aims to improve information and knowledge for the development of public health monitoring. This forms the background to the survey results presented here on “Health in General of European Citizens,” commissioned by the European Commission’s Health and Consumer Protection Directorate General. Fieldwork was conducted during October-November 2006; the report was published in September 2007.
      PREVALENCE (EUROPEAN UNION): Survey respondents (age 15 or older) were asked, “Do you have or have you ever had asthma?” The frequency of respondents answering “yes” was reported as follows for selected countries: EU25, 7%; Germany, 5%; Greece, 4%; Spain, 3%; France, 11%; Italy, 5%; Poland, 5%; Slovakia, 4%; Sweden, 11%; UK, 16%; Romania, 3%.

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